Meghan Markle appeared on Tuesday for the first time in public since the premiere of the controversial documentary of a tour of Africa, which the royal family was. The garden sparkled in a pink dress at the One Young World summit in London, when she was one of the founders of the event wanted to greet you, was just a mistake.

The One Young World the summit brings together 53 world leaders and 2,000 young people from all over the world at London’s Royal Albert Hall. The duchess of Sussex, was the official guest of honour, for her role as the vice-president of the Community Trust of the world.

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When Kate Robertson – that is at the forefront of the top – Meghan wanted to greet you, she took it with a bow. That is the formal greeting, it is common practice to have someone from the British royals to receive it. Meghan, however, had a big hug in mind, and it led to an awkward but adorable moment.

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