Reversing radar, integrated GPS, lane departure warning… Today’s cars have countless options, each one more technological than the next. Thus, it is common not to be aware of all of them.

One of these little-known options concerns the windows of the vehicle. Indeed, it can sometimes be useful to be able to open them remotely, whether in summer to ventilate your car or simply to allow your dog to breathe.

Fortunately, many vehicles offer such a possibility without even having to put the key in the lock. To do this, it is actually sufficient to keep the vehicle unlocking button pressed, represented by an open padlock.

By holding it down for several seconds, all of the car’s windows as well as the sunroof, if there is one, will open as if by magic. It is even possible to stop the process by pressing the same button again. This way, you can make sure to keep them barely open.

However, this is not the only method to open all the windows of your vehicle simultaneously. The key must be inserted into the lock provided for this purpose and then turned clockwise. By staying in this position for several seconds, all the windows will open automatically, explains Health .

To stop the action, simply release the key so that it returns to the neutral position. Be careful, however, not to leave the car with the windows open in your absence, as this could encourage theft.