to work

For Elon Musk, must be similar to a roller coaster ride. The staff of the guided electric car manufacturer Tesla has not had to mobilize in the past year, not only all the forces, to the production of the important “Model 3” high, but in the midst of these efforts, and a staff to accept removal. In the autumn of better times seemed to arrive, as Tesla is a surprisingly high level of gain reported and Musk promised that profitability will now state for the duration.

out of nowhere another austerity program, however, comes, and Musk delivered a grim inventory. In the current quarter, it will be only with effort and luck, profits, and Tesla need to offer cheaper models than before, in order to find more customers.

It is well possible that the Tesla CEO describes the situation overly dramatic in order to justify the reduction in personnel. And yet it is remarkable, when Musk speaks so clearly about the price sensitivity of its customers.