The Australian tennis fans have a player of world class format, you are cheering with Pride and their children as a model for present – even if you have ideas of conservative value. Alex de Minaur, nicknamed “the demon”, inspired his countrymen with a youthful Impetuosity, youthful innocence and a work ethic and fighting spirit that can move mountains. The last two Australian players polarized. A minority felt Bernard Tomic and Nick Kyrgios as independent free spirits. Etiquette and polite Behavior? Be overrated!

Peter Hess

sports editor.

F. A. Z.

The majority of Australians, many of the performances of the two tennis professionals, who had brought in the meantime, the Top 20 in the world rankings and on the Position of your national Association, were of a rather embarrassing. Outburst on the court, any form of disrespect towards opponents, referees and the ball boys were part of your standard repertoire. Wes spirit child Tomic is, he proved once again on Tuesday. “I will not play Davis Cup, just like Kyrgios and Kokkinakis. It’s all the fault of Lleyton Hewitt. He has ruined the System.“ There is a crack to go through the Australian Team, because Hewitt is a player clearly prefer – Alex de Minaur.

It is true that the former Grand Slam winner and current Davis Cup captain, one of the first Fans of the talent was and is now one of the largest in the whole of Australia. Since then, he has discovered the diamonds in the rough, he acts as his Mentor and Advisor. What no one bothers except for Tomic. Tennis-Australia jumped to in the following discussion, Hewitt liked, I see nothing Wrong that he has accepted de Minaurs. And Kyrgios, as a witness stated, knew nothing of his Boycott. “If I am asked, I play Davis Cup.”