I used to think I could live anywhere.“ Constantin Free smiles. “Then I thought for a long time, I had nowhere to be right at home. I can’t remember now, that’s not true.“ Four years ago, he moved with his Australian wife and his children Down Under. There, the family lives in the city of Caloundra, an hour’s drive from Brisbane, in a spacious house, which needs five minutes to the beach. At the age of 36, it moved Freely for the first Time to Australia. “It was pure lust for adventure. I saw that in the state of Queensland they are looking for Doctors, so I went.“ His wife, Karen, he has met at the time in a paddle club. “She was in the same Racing Team as I do.” He goes through the short brown-blond hair and smiles proudly. The Couple lived for some years in the village of Bäretswil in Zurich Oberland, married, their first son Harrison came to the world. Constantin Free-doctor practice, worked in a house in the village, his wife attended English classes. “The language was the biggest obstacle for you. Karen felt in Switzerland, never. Due to their lack of training and language difficulties, she remained most of the time home with the kids.“ With a grin he says: “Maybe it was because of the fog and the cold seasons of the year.” After the birth of her second son, Julian, the return to Australia was a done deal.

abroad has told him from the beginning, irritated

The Swiss love of his Childhood. His father was in a managerial position of an international company. The family lived for several years in the Netherlands, in between, in the Zürcher Oberland and in Nigeria. “I’m a very proud Swiss, but the abroad has appealed to me from the beginning as well. And travelled I have always been fond of. However, I am a family man and I miss my brothers and sisters in Switzerland. To me the Swiss traditions. I never thought that I’ll miss you so much.“ Even after five years, he did sometimes struggle with homesickness. “Most of the seasons, the mountains, the food, and the Swiss comfort me.” With a Sigh, the 48-Year-old says: “Good friends and my former practice partners are missing me a lot. All my friends in Australia are Europeans, with the exception of one canadian and one Australian.“

He describes the Aussies with the words loose and carefree. “All are very welcome, but also a little superficial,” he says frowning. Him the in-depth conversations, this is the disadvantage of the relaxed Australian way of life is missing. Nevertheless, he can be your Good pleasure: “The Australians are easier to be happy than the Swiss. You don’t need much to lead a happy life. I admire that very much.“ Because he wanted to study nothing one-Sided, and both of the contact people, and the natural Sciences provoked, he realized with a medical degree, his dream job.

Some have seen for years no doctor

“The work in practice is very varied in comparison to the hospital.” In addition, the contact to his patients is personal. Loved the in-house doctor and has worked in Bäretswil. “I have enjoyed working together with my former practice partner and had a great Team. We do not have a luxurious health system, which is the case in Australia. There are many more treatment options in Switzerland. In addition, the Australians are much more from the doctor than in Switzerland.“ This was so because the people are poorer, and no specialists could make. “Sometimes I treat people who are really very sick and you realize that you have seen for years, no doctor. Mostly, they come much too late.“ Free works in a large practice in Caloundra, in the twelve Doctors. Often-seen disease in Queensland, had bad teeth, untreated sexually transmitted diseases, undetected Diabetes and people with alcohol and drug problems. Many people come with personal problems. “It’s sometimes a bit like being a priest or a social worker.”

With the sons in the sea or in the Pool

In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his sons. Harrison is seven. Julian is three years younger. They often go fishing and paddling. “Australia is an Outdoor company. You spend a lot of time outside.“ Free craft doing Work around his house or go swim in the sea or in the Pool. It is important to him, and to his sons a piece of Switzerland. “I talk to the guys Swiss German. Back to English only but unfortunately. Nevertheless, you understand it most of the time.“ Stories he reads to them in Swiss German. The boys know a lot of Swiss children’s book characters such as “Globi”. “I will never live one hundred percent and I don’t feel at home. But I feel very accepted.“

He and his wife spoke often about Switzerland. His wife, however, feels in Australia. Your parents are in the vicinity, she enjoys the open lifestyle, plays Tennis and Golf. “I could imagine very well, at some point return again, although I would surely miss Australia.” It remains an eternal dilemma, he is torn between the worlds back and forth. Nevertheless, he doesn’t want to be misunderstood. “It is Complaining on a high level. It is good for me in Australia.“