It’s time to take stock for Morgane Alvaro. After two successful seasons on TF1, Audrey Fleurot has established herself as the key figure in HPI fiction, created in 2021. With nine million viewers on average, the adventures of this housekeeper with an exceptional IQ of 160 at the heart of the Lille DIPJ brought a new breath of entertainment.

Thanks to her quick-wittedness and fine intuition, the investigations no longer have any secrets for the atypical consultant who never ceases to show Commander Adam Karadec (Medhi Nebbou), his colleague Gilles Vandraud (Bruno Sanches) and the police teams. If Audrey Fleurot’s acting is one of the main assets of the phenomenon series, is her gifted character as credible on a daily basis?

For the psychologist Sandrine Belmont, the fiction of TF1 “has not much to do with reality. In this, the series does not interest me in relation to the High Intellectual Potential side”, she considers for Planet . Professional since 2011, officiating in her office in Générac (Gard), the author of the book HPI: Who are they really? (Éditions de l’Opportun) nevertheless emphasizing “that through the main character, the series shows that one can be High Potential, but for all that not necessarily have a very socially valued job”.

Far from the clichés claiming that an adult with Einstein’s IQ holds a scientific or high-responsibility position, the character of Morgane Alvaro touches a less elitist class and allows the public to become attached to the heroine. However, the scenes where the apprentice Sherlock Holmes has flashes which, suddenly, help her to solve many mysteries, have what to make react the writer. “There may be things that are probably a bit far-fetched”, before detailing his expertise. “It can happen, but it’s not representative of all HPI”.

As stated by other individuals who do not recognize themselves in the series. “The story itself is not credible. It suggests that, ultimately, thanks to giftedness, all doors would be open to us: NO!”, Explained Hugo Martinez, business consultant and HPI in a forum. at HuffPost. “It is moreover, in reality, rather the opposite. Human beings, confronted with giftedness, lose their means, because the logic of a zebra is anything but… logical”.

Representing 2% to 3% of the French population, we recognize High Intellectual Potential “as having above-average abilities, but are also different in their behavior and sometimes in their relationship to others”, recalls Sandrine Belmont in her book . This is why it is important for her to explain that all HPIs are different and that it is always “complicated to categorize, to put HPIs in a box, to make a particular profile of them”.

Viewers discovered the character of Morgane Alvaro as a cleaning technician, with her disarming outspokenness and a particular sense of style. When she was offered a job as a consultant in the police in exchange for her intellectual gifts, the heroine did not seem happy to collaborate. And, his well-asserted character in the face of the orders of Adam Karadec or Céline Hazan (played by Marie Denarnaud) did not help his relations with his hierarchy in season 1.

For Planet, psychologist Sandrine Belmont explains to us that HPI people have “a certain concern for justice and the logic of things”. According to the latter, “these are people who will find it difficult to accept orders that are not justified or to respect someone just because they are a hierarchical superior”. However, “there may be HPI who will be very respectful of the hierarchy, but most of the time, it must still be justified by the skills of the hierarchical superior”.

Over the episodes, Morgane Alvaro and Adam Karadec form a complementary pair in their investigations. A special collaboration that is very popular with fans, mainly on social networks where many even see more than friendship between the two characters…

Single mother of three children born to two different fathers, Morgane Alvaro knows a rather unstable life. In conflict with his parents (Patrick Chesnais since season 2 and Michèle Moretti), separated from his ex-companion Ludovic (Cédric Chevalme) and in search of his first love who disappeared mysteriously, there seems to be little room for love. . However, as soon as she meets Commander Karadec, the heroine falls under his spell a little more each day… To the point of even being disturbed in her investigations.

But, does a gifted person manage to establish a stable relationship as a couple? “The HPI is not inclined to have more difficulty than others in romantic relationships, etc.,” assures us the writer and psychologist Sandrine Belmont in Planet. “Unless he really has experienced difficult things in his life. And that has more to do with his environment than his potential”.

However, the heroine of TF1 could gain in authenticity and be as normal as possible in the next episodes of the series. “I would say that it should be made a little more banal”, smiles our interlocutor. “Not all HPIs are so special”. Before discovering the first secrets of Season 3, attend the HPI finale this Thursday, June 16 on your screens.