In France, a few days before the deadly shooting rampage at a police station in Paris, an attack is avoided, which is committed to a hijacking of a plane, just as on september 11, 2001 in New York city. It is up to the sixtieth attack, which, since 2013 has been foiled, and the French minister of the Interior, mr Christophe Castaner, Thursday is declared.

Christophe Castaner was a Thursday evening guest in the tv-show ” Vous avez la parole’. There, said the minister of Internal Affairs, and that since the 3rd of October, the day of the deadly shooting rampage at a police station in Paris, any terrorist attacks and more frustrated, are. “Just keep still,” according to Castaner.

Christophe Castaner (Photo: AFP)

Since the terrorist attacks in 2013, for sixty terrorist attacks have been thwarted, ” said the prime minister, and the life was the culprit, so just the 3 of October is planned. “It’s going to be an individual that is wanted is to inspire the attacks of september 11, the planes, the towers of the World Trade Center was destroyed to have it. He had to organise a plane hijack.”

The man was arrested by the French police. “Our service every day and a lot of good work,” bewierookte Castaner them. “There happen to be often arrested by radicalised individuals who have set a stop it would want to make a living.”

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