From the Place Kléber to the German border, should it be six and a half kilometers of air line. From the district of Neudorf, it is a stone’s throw away. And yet, Strasbourg way on Tuesday evening, at least in the main programs of German television.

Michael Hanfeld

responsible editor for the features section Online and “media”.

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is There of what is happening between eight and half past nine o’clock in the evening on the Christmas market, in the late news broadcasts of the speech, in the “heute-journal” and “Tagesthemen”. You reports according to the in such attacks, always fragmentary, changing, and mostly deteriorating news. If a “shootout” at the Christmas market, the speech is, one can think of not just since the attack on Berlin’s breitscheidplatz, two years ago, in what follows.

increases The number of victims, of one, two, four deaths and a dozen injured. On the Christmas market of Strasbourg, we are reminded of wanted Islamists have carried out in the year 2000, an assassination attempt, it was prevented at the last moment. Eighteen years later, the police did not succeed in this. In the Morning, we learn, she had ensured the apartment of the alleged offender Cherif C. searches and grenades. The fugitive escaped.

but How he can get then in the evening on the Christmas market and a person after another shoot down? The Reporter of radio station “the world” thinks, he would have put the security agencies to the load. In the Studio of n-tv, the expert is careful. Finally, could it be that the police was on the right track, and only a moment too late to prevent what is not completely prevented.