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the president of The General Council of Administrative Managers, Fernando Santiago, has lived in the first row of the drama in which the crisis of the coronavirus has led to the pocket of the citizens and the form in which it has hit entrepreneurs and self-employed persons, who have been forced to apply for public aid to survive. Santiago predicts that Spain expects “a winter very hard” in the field of labour and business.

After the bad figure of the EPA of the second quarter, are you going to recover those jobs?

The EPA does no more than pick a figure that you already know us a month and peak. We have already said that a million workers were to the street, our problem is that if the situation does not change to the better, going to close 240.000 companies before the end of the year, and this will mean up to two million layoffs. Therefore, the situation will get worse. Our forecasts are such and unfortunately, we’re running short and are producing facts much more terrible the we predict in principle.

What awaits us next autumn?

If you do not apply formulas or mechanisms of support for the financing companies, the last quarter is going to be very bad. The companies are not selling what they expected, and cannot pay for structural expenditures such as leases. Thus, when the end of the summer, we are going to start a lot of evictions. At the end of the year, the companies are going to fall one behind the other. The data of tax collection in the second quarter will be very revealing because the fall was brutal, and of the third quarter, I don’t want to even count. The modifications of the laws of bankruptcy, established the extension of time to file the contests, until December 31, and from November-December is going to be a multitude of companies that will file bankruptcy, and in consequence, they are closing and will lay off.

why are there still delays in the manure of thousands of ERTE?

According to our research, there are still some 150,000 pending. The Government says that they are STRONG bad, but if it is so, where are the requirements? The problem is that those 150.000 records that are likely to be defective, have not been looked at yet. So able to put the blame on the adviser, the worker or the company because he did bad, but would have had to be revised in the first week, which is not what one can claim is that if we present a paper, it would take months to look at it and spent that time say, is wrong, to blame is you. There is a negligence very clear on the part of the Public Administration, that the only thing that does is throw balls outside.

Will there be settings to change the funding from the european union?

we have Not been given that money to fund lost, it is a ransom concealed in every rule. I am afraid that the conditions are going to cause a drastic reduction in spending because we have exploded the deficit and probably we are going to go between a 15% and 20% at the end of the year, and Europe doesn’t want to contemplate anything above the 5%.

What are the queries that you receive from the citizens one last time in the alarm state?

we Continue to receive many, many inquiries about the FATE, about all of the people who have not been paid. There are so many queries, but now the majority have that view on how to fire the worker or are related to the issue of funding to decide what to do in the future with the company in question.

Claim to the role of administrative agencies compared to the rest…

To be the administrative manager must have one of the four legal careers and overcome the trials that convenes the Ministry of Public Administrations. The problem is that the job of advisor is not regulated and can put a snack bar in the street with a poster of “agency” to dry and that everyone in the world will deceived.

How is it going to affect the economic crisis that is forecast to the administrative agencies?

Comes a winter very hard. Even we, the administrative managers, we have had an excess of brutal work we are also meeting with part of the recession. There is a 16% of agencies that are doing ERTE, and 20% have seen their clientele falls to 24%. At the end, by very good that you go, if the customers sink, it all just falling down. Some of the larger administrative agencies have also picked up work of small customers that have been closed. We also have less productivity because 70% of the administrative offices, we have increased our spending by more than 10% for the purchase of material health and control.

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