Federal Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil (SPD) is planning a new basic pension for the longterm earners, and compulsory old-age insurance for the self-employed insured is low. Both agreed in the coalition agreement. The new CDU-Chairman, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer power of the Minister, now legs and penetrates to a concept. Salvation is already at work: In a working group with representatives of the countries, the social partners and the pension insurance the concept of “respect-pension adopted” in the meantime, the Form.

Kerstin Schwenn

business correspondent in Berlin.

F. A. Z.

Who paid for at least 35 years as an employee, pension contributions, children or relatives cared for and trained, is now about 100 euros more per month. Because low-income earners to achieve even after this length of working life is often not even a pension in the amount of the state’s basic security, including those who have never worked. The SPD leader Andrea Nahles has earlier headed the “Balalaika player from Romania” as an example. In order to strengthen the acceptance of the statutory pension insurance to receive the “hard-working” in the future, a Supplement to the basic security, the basic pension.

Systematically, the basic pension problems, blurred the boundary between insurance and care. By the impact in the future, someone after 35 years could receive more pension than someone who has done 34 years of significantly higher pension contributions. This contradicts the principle of Equivalence, according to which the amount of the pension is calculated according to the contributions paid. However, concerns the Ministry of labour on the backburner. Healing wants to the basic pension only to have someone who is really “needy”. Income and assets should strictly be taken into account. The coalition agreement here, but a “better exemption rule” for a self-occupied residential property.

The Ministry attributed with 130,000 Eligible

Technically, the basic pension after the presentation of the Ministry as allowance has to be configured in the basic security. On the basic backup (such as the Hartz IV set is currently 424 Euro per month plus accommodation costs), there will be a surcharge of 25 percent. The amount of 100 Euro will be calculated on a monthly basis for pensioners. New authorities and administrative procedures should not be established for the basic pension. The pension to determine the pension claim of the Insured, and the basic security office. This office will examine the need and pays the premium that is financed from taxes.

The Ministry expects about 130,000 beneficiaries of such a combined income in old age. The Minister of Finance to the cost of the basic pension of around 200 million euros in the year.