“Sloth is the devil’s pillow”. This Scandinavian proverb reflects how many people think about laziness. For them, laziness is favorable to the development of vices, as well as negative thinking.

But this way of thinking is not everyone’s and some defend laziness as a right or even as something that can be more positive than we think. “Laziness makes you ingenious”, believes for example Philippe Sonneville, astrologer and founder of Cré’Astro.

But how can we define laziness? According to the Le Robert dictionary, it is the “taste for idleness”, the “behavior of a person who avoids effort”. So it would be the art of doing nothing. For many, this is a plague that is opposed to productivity. However, opinions vary and the perception of this concept is not the same from one person to another.

“Each of the astrological signs has a different view of what laziness can be,” explains the astrologer. For some, the taste for comfort or hesitation can thus be interpreted or equated with laziness. “For me, laziness does not exist.”, he expresses himself, thus developing his theory according to which another explanation always hides behind laziness which thus depends on the interpretation of each one.

Thus, certain signs of the zodiac possess characteristics or tastes that are often interpreted as laziness when they generally are not quite so. Discover in our slideshow below the 5 signs that are often equated with laziness.