It is one of the flagship fictions of the public service. Since 2020, Sara Mortensen and Lola Dewaere have been the heroines of the detective series Astrid and Raphaëlle on France 2. A duo that everything opposes: one is a documentalist for the PJ with autism, the other is a police commander impulsive character. And yet, they complement each other perfectly to solve their investigations over the episodes.

During season 3, a rather special guest slipped in among our heroines. In the fifth episode (broadcast on September 9), Florine had the privilege of doing extra work in fiction for France 2. Aged 30, the young actress has already had some experience as an extra on television. “I knew the casting director, because I was doing several tests with him. And he called me back,” she explains to Planet.

At the start of 2022, Florine is called upon to participate in the filming of a sequence for the Astrid and Raphaëlle series. It was in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, in the heart of the Gare de l’Est, that the actress arrived in the company of other extras to shoot a scene with travelers. “The shooting took place in winter, it was very cold around January or February,” she recalls. But, no time to complain, the 30-year-old gives her all to satisfy the director’s demands.

In the first minutes of the Witness episode, Astrid goes to the station to find her partner Raphaëlle who is waiting for her near the platform to go to a crime scene. Florine’s role? A simple passer-by wandering around the station, without saying a word. “I was dressed in civilian clothes with my yellow parka, a big scarf and my backpack,” smiles the young actress, recognizable with her afro hair.

A simply anecdotal figuration, you say? However, Florine must follow specific advice to leave at the right time. Time flies, the takes follow one another and then she runs. “After a while I went there on my own. When it was shot and they said ‘cut’ the director said to me, ‘That’s fine Florine, you went to the when needed.

The shooting only lasted a few hours, not enough time for Florine to be able to meet the two actresses. Months pass, impatience is felt and we wonder if the scene will be kept (or not) in the editing. And, last week… It’s the surprise! The extra appears furtively behind Astrid. “We could see her well in the background on the screen”, recalls her mother Martine who watched the episode with her daughter. “Sara Mortensen is relatively covered unlike Lola Dewaere. I thought she had to be cold,” laughs the sixty-something.

And, icing on the cake, this fifth episode in which Florine appeared attracted 5.2 million followers, reunited with the following number according to Médiamétrie. Enough to ensure a beautiful finale for the detective fiction whose third season ends this Friday, September 16 with two unpublished.