with his candidacy for the CDU party chairmanship failed, Friedrich Merz is full again for the world’s largest asset Manager, Blackrock. Like the F. A. Z. had reported, he never laid out his office as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the German land subsidiary of Blackrock. The Chairman of the Board, Larry Fink, had early let it be known that he wanted to hold on to the good in the policy networked business lawyer.

in the event that Merz would win the election or some other important task in the CDU take on wool, had been looking for the company however, according to information from the F. A. Z. after alternative candidates. In the meantime, Merz is once again full for the American asset managers in the business. So he chose the last week in a telephone conference call for clients of the possible consequences of the Brexits. Next week he will be together with Fink in Davos.