In the past year, the purchase of CO2 certificates, worth it in any case. These were one of the few investments that posted strong gains. Thus, a CO2-certificate of Commerzbank with the securities identification number CZ549S in the course of the year, of 7.50 euros to around 24 euros.

Daniel Mohr

editor of the Frankfurter Allgemeine week.

F. A. Z.

The price movement was, however, anything other than continuous. 2018 was the first year in which the purchase of CO2 certificates, worth really. Previously, the European emissions trading system industry had been designed to be friendly. There were plenty of issued certificates for energy and industrial companies and, accordingly, the price dropped.

Meanwhile, the policy has reduced the number of certificates. The emissions of CO2, to entitle the holders of the certificates, will be more expensive and to encourage savings. The price development of CO2 remains political decisions influenced.

The investors should know. You don’t also buy the Original CO2-certificates at the Leipzig EEX energy exchange or the London ICE, but designed specifically for private investors-designed products. Since you do not need the certificates, other than the industry is really as of a particular date for their CO2 emissions, must be renewed, the underlying contracts.

This is called in the financial language of roles, and is associated in most cases with losses. Which are, of course, win in years with such a strong rate as in 2018, far more than offset. Whether these years to repeat, however, is in the stars.