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Everything that happens to me seems to be a nightmare. What I have seen and I don’t think so. It cost Me a terrible effort to write: to Joselito has killed a bull. But it is as well, so it has happened: to Joselito has killed a bull in Talavera de la Reina. I’m under the terrible impression of the tragedy. I would not want to be the chronicler to whom the fate it reserved this narration. I am saddened, and yet, I have to write.

I will Write it; it would be my fate : as the poor Joselito would come to die here.

What most concerns me, what I’m obsessed with it, is that there is a fatality in all this. Joselito, from which he learned that they waited for a bullfight in Talavera, thought no more than in torearla. The Company does not wanted to bring him in, because this plaza is a little room, it does not support budgets expensive. An intimate friend yours took the business to the basis of Joselito, and it was Joselito contracted in Talavera. Then came more difficulties. The Company from Madrid, he claimed, to this day, he arrived to intervene the head of Security , and announced that he would not leave Madrid for Joselito. This is he sinned yet more to come; it provided new dates, sought combinations, gave all kind of facilities for the new subscription, in exchange for the favour that leave him to come to Talavera. And wine, and almost died in the arena, as he entered the infirmary with a collapse, from which he never returned.

He has killed the bull, fifth; it was called Dancer, was black, was five years old, he was very young, very short of pythons and just weighed in at 260 pounds; he belonged to the cattle of the widow of Ortega, a cross of Veragua and Santa Coloma.

The cumshot was slipping cheerful and bouncy. There was a filled with awesome. you received a Cock as receive these people, with enthusiasm and gratitude; as he received the artist that makes them the favor of ofrendarles his art: in giving a perfect account of its role as a favored.

the Cock gave a game, and I still remember the toast, which was an evocation: “I drink to the president, for his distinguished guidance and through the town of Talavera, where he was eager to fight, because this square was adopted by my father , for whose memory I drink, too.”

How did the fuck

he Left in the fifth bull, as perfect as tend to be all the bulls cornicortos, and without reloading, without get it just the horses, because it was the less bravo, killed as many as varas took . Joselito showed me with the gesture that the bull did not like it, I replied that I didn’t like… One of the many comments are dumb as Joselito and I used to do in the cumshots. Later I told her that the bull was burriciego , he told me that the bull had lost the sight in horses. And he went out to kill. The bull defended, and I was a bronco. Joseph media that is dominated with the muleta and the bull went to the tables, close to my barrier of 1 . I heard perfectly well that he said to the Cuckoo two times: “take off, Henry, that is the bull with you and that is why you do not take the crutch.” The Cuckoo was changed of place. Joselito pull it out with passes of yank, very painstakingly, because the bull just charged. Joseph, who was very close to, giving you with the crutch in the face, retreated, and then the bull, perhaps because we see him better by the default of the view, already noted, ripped strong and soon , unexpectedly, in a moment in which the torero did not do anything, but that he was about to do. Joseph, who undoubtedly, had surprised the bull, gave him no time for anything, or giving out or it is removed from there, in spite of their faculties. Did not do more to stay one step ahead of the crutch to cover and stop the coup. The bull fucked him full, will be hooked by the right thigh, and in the air gave him a butt dry and accurate in the low belly , as you had given to the horses. Fell, Joseph, mortally wounded, fell, and the bull you defeated on the floor but not picked it up.

When we entered looked at me with a face of anguish, and I pointed with the hand in the groin, at the same time that we picked up the intestines , which will peeked out.

The Cuckoo, which led him to the infirmary, you said: “ To Mascarell , to alert Mascarell”. And no longer talked more, he gave it the collapse.

His intimate friends, Leandro Villar and Dario Lopez came out, without losing a minute, to Madrid in search of doctors Mascarell and Goyanes. All useless. Just would cross a few minutes, as his poor friend would have no need of the science that they were going to find.

To Sánchez Mejías I hid the severity, and dealt the sixth bull, vengeful, broken, doing so many reckless things, because we feared for the second mishap.

Meanwhile, in the infirmary, doctors Sanguino, Ortega Muñoz, Luque, Pajares, and I don’t know if any more, took care of reaccionarle with whey, caffeine, camphor…; nothing, all useless because the poor bullfighter did not react. There was only one moment of hope, in that you moved the arms, to fall again into the torpor, and when his brother-in-law, Sánchez Mejías, killed the last bull, came running in the infirmary already alarmed by the rumor of the square and the hustle and bustle of the people down the alley, expired Joselito , of schot traumatic.

I’ve seen dead, I have seen him and I don’t think so . I’ve seen how you removed the neck a portrait of his mother, and a medal of the Lady of Hope , marred by a bull in San Sebastian. It seemed to Me asleep. I can not believe that it is the dead who a few minutes before, it was the joy of this square and the dream of all Companies. seems to Me to lie dead who arrived a few hours ago with me, and when riding in the station in a car, as those that go in Madrid with weddings to the light Bulb, he began to sing merrily and it was up to the hotel screaming like a boy: “long Live the bride.” seems to Me to lie, but it is the reality, the tragic reality: to Joselito has killed a bull and I have to tell it, which is another painful reality. Because what’s not terrible is it that a matador killed a bull, but the way, the way, the circumstances of this particular case. With Joselito has not died only a bullfighter, but the representative figure of bullfighting, and who knows if the Feast itself.