The Us president, when He moves in officially, from New York to Palm Beach, Florida. He was, in september, the official document in which he states that his, resort, Mar-a-Lago are a “permanent home” is. His wife, Melania was doing just that.

The couple also explained that they have housing in Washington dc (the White House), and New Jersey, the site of the Trump National Golf Club. The Trump Tower was mentioned as a place where he used to stay there.

On the documentation that was presented to the district court in West Palm Beach, it is no reason was given for the move. In contrast to New York, and in Florida is no personal income tax to the state. Also, the sales tax is lower than in New York city.

“Very badly handled”

He said he was “very, very badly handled” by the New York city. “I’m in love with New York city, and the citizens of New York city, and this is something I will always do that, but unfortunately, in spite of the fact that I can each and every year millions and millions of dollars in taxes to pay for it, I’m through with the local leaders of the city, and it is very, very poorly handled,” said the president on Twitter. “I find it very difficult to make decisions, but ultimately it will be the best for all parties involved.”

ever Since He became president, he is no longer in New York. According to NBC News, and spent for the Republican, up to 99 days of his presidency at the Mar-a-Lago, and a 90-day in his club in New Jersey, just 20 days into the Trump Tower.

Investigators in New York to try and Trumps tax settlements, but he was never well-known.

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