Police foiled a bold attempt – As a garbage man in disguise: love great Americans can not enter no man wants to trick the employees of the airport security, to visit his girlfriend in Germany. But the Plan has several weak.Philipp Saul4 Kommentare4Eine Rose at Frankfurt airport: The entry plan an amorous American failed.KEYSTONE

love knows no boundaries, the saying goes. The proverb is often used by couples who assure themselves that their long-distance relationship can work, despite the large spatial distance. But it is not always the loving phone calls, Chat messages, e-Mails, or traditional letters. Sometimes the longing to be, the other Person close to, so that limits need to be overcome. So it happened on the weekend, a US American who adopted a bold Plan, to visit his girlfriend in Germany.

Although the entry into the European Union is not permitted because of the Corona-pandemic for the majority of Americans just put the 20-Year-olds in Washington in a plane to Germany. At the airport when we arrived in Frankfurt, went to the fell in Love with a neon yellow vest and grabbed two garbage bags. The idea behind it: As a garbage man in disguise, he wanted to convince the security men at a checkpoint that he had the trash-empty – on the other side of the control. So he wanted bodies the entry into Germany more difficult.

But, not surprisingly, the dear great American failed with its Plan. This had, in fact, make several decisive weak. An employee noticed that the man was not wearing a security badge, which is at work in a large airport but it is necessary. You also noticed that the man couldn’t speak no English. “The air safety assistant came before the Spanish,” said a spokesman. The woman informed the Federal police and foiled the Plan of the amorous American.

“A failed attempt at the disabled object

However, even if the employee had less attention well – the successful entry of Germany and the Meeting with his beloved, would be the 20-Year-old probably is not the privilege of been. Because, apparently, the man with the localities was not familiar at the airport. The bins to wanted to, are still in the transit area of the airport, writes the Federal police. At the latest when the passport control by the border police would have been so final.

the consequences have to be feared by the Americans nothing, “even if the unfair intentions were,” said a police spokesman. “Because it was a useless attempt on a disabled object”. If he “would have tried this little game” at the passport control police officers, had it not been for the unauthorized entry attempt criminal consequences, the spokesman said.

To his girlfriend wanted to do the young man no further data to protect, perhaps to you. “Personally, I’ll take him the story. Romantic as well,” said the spokesman. The reunion with his girlfriend, the young Americans had to move, nevertheless, for an indefinite period of time. He spent the night at the airport, and flew back the next day to Washington. In this case, the love knows very well the limits.

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