Artificial intelligence – “It is Zurbuchen, impossible for a human to build”Nina, an expert in artificial intelligence, explains, where Algorithms simplify our life and why are you in a hotel kitchen instead of on the screen of Bern, English has learned.Mathias Morgenthaler0 comment their Vision is that robots Routine and calculation tasks for us so that we can concentrate more on creative and networked activities: Nina Zurbuchen, an expert on artificial intelligence.Photo: PD

are you at T-Systems as an expert in artificial intelligence working. What are you surprised for the last Time, an algorithm in the everyday life?

I drive in the Winter every weekend with my daughter to the Valais for skiing. As we stayed due to bad weather at home, and reminded me of my Smartwatch, that we should be well on the way, because 2.5 hours of journey time were in front of us. In everyday life I guess that for me, this watch is indicating, if I need to plan the way to Kindergarten and to work more time because of the traffic. And it also reminds me if I forget the breaks and the relaxation. However, I don’t wear them in the night. I don’t want to be around to measure the clock.

This means that you, Too, as a professional, have an ambivalent attitude towards artificial intelligence?

I’m primarily very curious and think about me second, well, to whom I give what data. Automated Driving, for example, already works surprisingly well, Tesla is very far, but I don’t want to make any company a lot of personal data, without knowing what to do with it. I would also order about Alexa, the virtual assistant, Amazon, coffee. This device also shows the way the susceptibility of the artificial intelligence: to see during the Super Bowl commercials was how the Alexa ordered a coffee, had to be turned off all the other speakers using the Alexa technology so that not all coffee was ordered.

The artificial intelligence is so far from the people of checkmating?

so Far, the AI has a bad Image. Films such as Kubrick’s “2001: a space Odyssey” or Cameron’s “Terminator” have stoked the fear that the machines could take over the command. But we are far, extremely far. Measured in terms of the big Fears, it’s ridiculous how little, until now, has been achieved. It is impossible for a human to not build, as long as we really understand what intelligence is, or how emotions and gut feeling, our decisions affect. What can we up to now, is only to feed machines with lots of data and to expand our capabilities, or to delegate routine matters. It comes to mathematics, statistics and programming – not to magic or to replace to the people.

In what areas of the economy, artificial intelligence is used successfully?

In the fraud detection it is very helpful. If my Bank matches a transaction of mine with Thousands of other transactions and my normal behaviors, detects attempts to be relatively fraud easily. The value is more, thanks to KI different scenarios can be simulated. In the case of the Flatland Challenge the SBB is a digital twin of the real rail network was built. Thus, it is determined with the approach of reinforcing learning through reward is the optimal utilization of the network. The Deutsche Bahn can say in Advance, thanks to your forecast-vending machine, such as a single impact incident to the delay of other trains and this forecast is to the customer via the App to make them accessible. Also the face detection, the anonymization of images, or the early identification of repair needs in the industry are well advanced. But in most projects, we note that even the most simple tasks very time-consuming is to make a Computer fit for use in everyday life.

What do you think?

In larger companies, the it departments receive many calls from employees, the need to replace a password. We have tried this process to digitize in a customer project. It was very time-consuming to automate the identification and the detection of the various dialects. And believe me, I could empathize very well with the computers. I came at the age of 27 years from Ukraine to Switzerland and talked about at the beginning, almost desperately, how many different languages in such a small country.

“There is no collateral, and it is not worth therefore, cling. The only Reliable is the own curiosity.”

Have you hired therefore, despite the completion of the economic studies as a Pizzaiola in the catering industry?

I brought a course of study and professional experience, but they have both helped me more in finding a job. I had come to love because in Switzerland, but didn’t want to just sit at home. So I started again at the very bottom – as a Pizzaiola in the case of a service, and soon in the kitchen of the Hotels of the stars in Köniz delivery. There I learned not only a better cook, but also a lot about the Swiss dialects, and the unwritten laws of communication.

Was this not frustrating, as an academic, to prepare, suddenly, pizza dough, and to wash salad?

We have seen in Ukraine after the collapse of the Soviet Union, as this is when the ground is pulled out from under the feet. After such an experience, you know that There is no collateral, and it is not worth therefore, cling. The only Reliable is the own curiosity. I studied in Bern with business Informatics, hung two years as a research assistant and moved on, finally, in the private sector. I’ve had at a young age much to the joy of technology, and am therefore convinced that If young people, irrespective of their gender at an early stage with technology, are also inspire many girls to.

your five-year-old daughter is likely to have little fear of contact.

she’s growing up quite naturally with all of the computers. But when I took it, to me, the humanoid robot Pepper to look, she found this encounter rather scary. It has irritated you very much, the facial Expressions and Gestures of this soulless being reminded so strongly of the people. We also with us at the reception of T-Systems robot. And although this is not much more than a Tablet on a movable rod, the information about the company can communicate, react to the visitors in very different ways. Therefore, it takes a lot of tact in the introduction of artificial intelligence. For our reception team, it is a relief – it can take this to more productive tasks. My Vision is that the robot Routine and calculation tasks for us so that we can focus even more on creative and networked activities.

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