Art during the pandemic – A national TragödieAm 8. June wants to take on the Swiss cultural scene to the reboot. It’s high time to pull out the sad idea during the plague months of the Teachings. A polemic in 6 points.Opinion Michael Marti1 Comment1″We miss you”: Maja Beckmann, actress at the Schauspielhaus Zürich, in the crises-Stream “Decalogue, seven.”Photo: Schauspielhaus Zürich Bravo! The art discovered in the audience

Oh, we are missing. We all. “We miss you”, is these days on posters everywhere in the city of Zurich. Only these three words, a something theatrical Declaration of love of the Zurich Schauspielhaus, the audience, no longer allowed since the Lockdown to the Theater. The art, often self-indulgent, often self-sufficient and, in fact, always self-centered, longing for the audience that you – Yes, we still remember well! – sometimes prefer to ignored. But this is the grace of the crisis: it sharpens the view for the Essentials, it sometimes makes us even smarter. This applies, apparently, even for the art for this old Diva. We miss you – agree that we take. A German “We miss you” would have done it, however.

What a mere football beats art

And Vice versa? The audience missing the art? Katharina Thalbach is one of the best German Actresses, says in the current “level”: “Without us, actors, the people turn yet.” In Switzerland, at least that was not also found in the twelfth-Lockdown-of the week.

“What do you miss during the Lockdown the most?”, wanted recently know the Tamedia-editors in an online survey of more than 10’000 users and a User part. Result: 50 percent of the respondents said that “cultural events” you would miss them. For comparison: “friends and relatives” miss hit 81 percent, “into the adjacent travel abroad,” 43 percent. Around half of all people longs for culture – is that much? You can also see it this way: Every Second you can live very well without culture events to go to without concert, without theatre, without going to the cinema.

the politicians, the intellectuals, the loudest cultural producers repeated in the last few weeks like a Mantra that culture is a “basic human need”, a “necessity”, a “ground of Being”. But make no mistake about it: On a wide population that is not the case. You want to be done soon as possible to the garden centre and to the hairdresser, or gathered in the illegality, in order to stage football games; for example, in the Canton of Vaud. A leather ball is mobilized in the Lockdown seems to be more inspirational power than the whole of the Swiss cultural scene.

home office-Opus and KurzarbeitskreativitätOft similar flat as the screen: Streaming-the art of the theatre.Photo: Rayner Peña (Keystone)

of Course, the crisis has many of us overwhelmed. However, social systems such as economy, science, politics or health, have to keep, and most of all: they have proven their worth as part of a Whole, a community. The art, however, in the last two months to often a sad idea. In particular, the well-established and highly subsidised sectors to take shelter before the Virus and the reality in the distant Cyberspace, to send from there, germ-free signals. Classical concerts and walls as the video conference, literary readings, live, old master on virtual Museum: the home office works, a short work of creativity, unfortunately, often similar flat as the screens on which everything flickers and flickers. It seemed that you could receive all day long any art Streams. But of course, no one did.

That portfolio, the most Toni, unfortunately, also in this newspaper, applauded, and demanded that art should operate on the pandemic in addition to their radical digitalization – in every crisis there’s an opportunity! – shows how a phrase in prison and the conformist was the discourse on Art in this crisis.

The betrayal of the Analog position reference in a public space, without having to Stream and subsidies: Corona-Graffito in the Norwegian town of Bryne.Photo: Twitter

The opposite you could have wished for, the opposite we would have needed. Namely that the art of mobilising its physical power to the incident power, the Analog celebrates, and preserves. Just because the world migrated to Digital, not only since the Corona-crisis. Art is not E-Learning, Remote Working or Cloud-communication, art is not a copy but the Original.

Wished you would have, that artists, to entrench rather than in Server-farms, as a crisis platform to choose a balcony; how comforting vocals in a lane halls, which have proved Italian Amateur singers at the beginning of the pandemic sufficiently. And against the courageous Positions taken by the art in public space, the local diseases have been safety-Regis had your object from the BAG, nothing. By the way: Would the demand for the Beatles in 1969 for their Rooftop Concert on the roof of London’s Apple Studios and the police’s permission, so this big would have taken place art never.

Finally, to the visual arts, namely painting, can be quite Lockdown-compliant, even in shop Windows issue. Or, better yet, to house walls brushes. Around the globe great street art, the failure of Corona-managers such as Trump, Johnson, or Bolsonaro denounced emerged in the last few weeks. The doyen of the subject, the British artist Banksy, described Street Art as “free art for everyone, the Thought-provoking”. And all this without Streaming and without subsidies.

The system of criticism is dead. It is the system relevance live!

Speaking of Mark, to Intervene, to ask: One of the Central tasks of art is the critique of the system was – as the artist claimed so far for artists. And today? Today, the art scene still speaks of system relevance, as do the banks, the Airlines, and agriculture. Don’t get us wrong: no one is to be found in this country in economic Distress, and cultural workers have a right to state crisis support, without question. The state has laid 280 million francs. Although the SVP expectation bleated in accordance with, but even art Amateurs, such as music and theatre associations, will receive 10 million Swiss francs. Sight unseen, whether it’s systemic or system irrelevant performances are. This is a reason for joy. And you can’t imagine that the art wants to overthrow our System ever.

The crucial question and the new Radical

it Would be really bad if not all of the cultural offerings at the 8. June, the Reboot would create? We will see. Sure is: From the 6. June to give our country the fathers of the restrictive pandemic measures, cultural events with up to 300 people are allowed again. From the Schauspielhaus in Zurich, whose staff missed us, is to hear from Co-Director Benjamin von Blomberg to: “You have to necessarily play. And seis is just for 10 people! We are ready.” So much unconditional determination, the attention can be. A downright radical understanding of art. Applause!

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