In Knokke-Heist, belgium –

One hundred or so experts and was looking for a solution for the elimination of 35,000 pounds of bombs dropped during world war I off the coast of Knokke-Heist, belgium. At the earliest, and at the end of november, following a public report with findings.

In Brussels, gathered together last Sunday for a couple of hundreds of experts who are debating a solution to the 35,000 tonnes of dumped munitions from world war I to the bar of the so-called Market safe and effective cleaning. The site is approximately 1.5 km from the shores of Knokke-heist. It’s going to be the ordinary chemical explosives.

Dripping the bombs.

In may, it became known that there were small amounts of mustard gas to leak out of the bommenkerkhof, but it is a danger to the public health, there is, as yet, is not. However, there is a constant risk of corrosion or doorscheuren due to the collision with the forces. This can have serious consequences.

“In the long term, we want the test to run, which should demonstrate innovative use of the landfill site is safe and is time – and cost-efficient way may be eliminated”, says Youri Meersschaut from the Maritime Access. During the test, a piece of ammunition is a few meters below the sea floor can be localized within the the big munitiestortplaats. After the excavation is that the piece was transferred to the ministry of Defence.”

at The conclusion of the discussion at the end of november or beginning of december, open to the public. “Through the contract we have, then, the best solution to develop that the target of test can successfully be implemented.”

The project, Clearing dumped oorlogsmunitie in the North sea, and is a co-operation between the Maritime Access, and Innovative public Procurement (PIO). The Flemish government makes a yearly over five million euros for these projects.