Saint-Gilles –

the St. Gillisvoorplein in Saint-Gilles, a 400 Even Saturday afternoon, the argument against a Turkish invasion of Northern Syria. The protesters fear that an ethnic cleansing of the Kurdish region in Syria, and call on the international and European policy-makers and the Turkish military action, to condemn and to put an end to the war.

“The invasion is a serious infringement upon the sovereignty of Syria and international law”, according to the who. “Erdogan sees the Kurdish autonomy in the area of Turkey as a threat, but there is no military threat to the territories of the Autonomous community of Democratic Zelfadministratie from the north-East of Syria. In 2012, the zelfadministratie has managed to create a progressive political project, from the ground to the pitch. The kurds have bravely fought against the IS jihadists, and are now to be rewarded with bombs.”

With the bombing of the city, which on Wednesday began with the people all civilians killed in some cases. The people in fear, now and for the ethnic cleansing of Kurdish regions in Syria.

“In 2016, 2018 and beyond are the Turkish troops already in Northern Syria is being invaded”, what it sounds like. “Afrin is the occupation and ethnic cleansing. The Kurds are the majority in the middle of the many ethnic, racial, and religious minorities, he said there would now be a so-called ‘safe-zone’, occupied, and over three million in Syria, the ethnic Arab refugees are resettling.”

The Turkish invasion could be disastrous, according to the protesters: “New waves of refugees and repatriation of them. The Old Volksbeschermingseenheden (YPG) has played a decisive role in the defeat of the IS. They may not be delivered to international politics, and the colonial ambitions of History.”
More about the Invasion of Turkey into Syria, ISIS claims deadly bomb attack in the Syrian town of Kamishli: “Imprisoned jihadists have been able to escape,” 121 Turks have been arrested for online criticism to be offensive in Syria”, the Pentagon warns of a Turkey, Putin is: “a Turkish operation in Syria is imminent ISIS threat to grow” “is Not of Donald, but As to decide what Syria has done. That is, it is not good for us, nor for the Kurds”