of Course, you may want to reply to the hair-tearing about hatred and mischief on the Internet, but search engines and readily available Online-encyclopedias an incredibly annoying species, the end: today on education protzer and erudition boar sang, people who start sentences with phrases like “Has not been Catullus …” and the “u” in such a nasal in the meantime, the length of pull that he just has a stubborn pause and “no, no, no!”, what makes the thing, and especially the tone better.

Today, in any case, such Catullus are statements with a view on the Smartphone easy to impress any more, and it raises the question of whether an author such as Arno Schmidt, Born in 1914, would spread his reading of fruits with the same gesture as in the past: casually, firmly, with a view on the remote pages of the classics, as well as to the world to the other authors at all.

about James Fenimore Cooper, the “leatherstocking”-author, the Schmidt shakes off the Sleeves, Scott, always a man, Hauff, Poe, Stevenson would have appreciated, and then Joyce: “page 439 line 12 of Finnegans Wake böttchern the Cooper funny more clear’ – of course ,totally forced & inappropriate”, this Joyce but also, and well, anyone who reads this unreadable book and the author on the Finger! Or the German scholars and publishers, the editing is wrong, quote and comment on, the allusions do not understand, and then by Schmidt under the nose-rubbed – Arno, the Cleaner! The fighters against Fake News, avant la lettre (and brazen inventor, an autobiography of the master Tinnius)!