Armed to defense spending – part of a withdrawal of US troops entering Germany on KritikMit the deduction of 25’000 US soldiers want to punish Donald Trump by Germany for the from his point of view to low defence expenditure. Now the U.S. will be plans topic at the Nato conference. 9 Kommentare9US-President Donald Trump during a round-table discussion in the Cabinet room of the White house. Trump has confirmed that he wants to reduce the number of US soldiers in Germany to 25 000. Photo: Evan Vucci/AP/dpaKeystone/AP/Evan Vucci

The announcement of US President Donald Trump, to reduce the number of stationed in Germany, US soldiers on a 25’000, has met in Berlin to considerable criticism.

The Deputy head of the Faction of the CDU and the CSU, Johann Wadephul, called the measure and its justification is “wrong”. “Germany is strengthening its defensive efforts and must continue, in spite of Corona passed away. Any reduction in military presence will only exacerbate the problems instead of solving them,” said the CDU politician on Tuesday the German press Agency. The SPD Chairman, Norbert Walter-Borjans, accused Trump a choice of combat maneuvers.

U.S. President Donald Trump wants to punish spending, Germany, with the partial withdrawal of U.S. soldiers from his point of view, continue to be low defence. Trump said on Monday (local time) in the White house on the grounds that the German government refuse, the defence expenditure so as to increase the self-imposed, Nato-objective to be met.

The Two-percent target of the Nato States that all allies are closer to 2024 is the target, at least two percent of their gross domestic product for defense spending. Germany has increased expenditure significantly in the past years, but in 2019, however, only when a proportion of GDP by 1.38 percent.

The SPD chief said with a view to the Two-percent target in the “ntv early start”: “What is a number that, if the economy is growing, you have to upgrade!? Or now, when it melts and shrinks, that you should disarm?”

Left party leader Dietmar Bartsch attested to the German government their strategy, “to follow the 2-percent-armor doctrine at all”, it was a failure. “The fact that a US President is blackmailing the Federal government openly among partners is a No-Go! From the TRANS-Atlantic partnership, a TRANS-Atlantic has become tables extortion,” he said of the dpa.

Currently, approximately 34’500 US soldiers are stationed in Germany. Trump spoke of 52’000 soldiers. In this number, around 17’000 American civilians in the service of the United States is expected to be the armed forces included.


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