women and men from Germany’s partner countries in the EU are now to be recruited for the armed forces. Inspector General Eberhard Zorn has brought this proposal back into the game. Polish, Irish, Belgians should be able to serve in the armed forces, if you bring certain skills – as computer specialists or Doctors.

of course There are weighty counter-arguments, and they have significant leniency. One of them is the Prussian army reformer Gerhard von Scharnhorst, was wounded in 1813, in the first battle of the wars of liberation against Napoleon’s fatal. “All citizens of a state are the same, the born defender,” he had written. At the same time Prussia gave substance to this postulate, in that it gave to the “citizens” of good reasons, to protect his state.

” the serfdom of the peasants. Scharnhorst abolished the nobility of a privilege for an Officer. Of the citizens as the defender of his state was the defender of his rights. Today, the concept of the “citizen in Uniform” continue these thoughts.

It is urgent

In a reversal of Horst’s sentence is Coulter read also: land Only, children are good soldiers. Only Germans are, if necessary, be willing to die for Germany. Foreign “mercenaries” by contrast, according to this view, as unreliable and perhaps even dangerous.

However, the reality has overtaken these Concerns. Germany is no longer defended only by German, but for generations, as much by the Americans, British, and Belgians. That was in the Cold war, and today, German soldiers to defend in the return, the allies on the Eastern edge of Nato and the EU. In Lithuania, a German officer units from Belgium, France, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway and the Czech Republic.

Today would formulate Scharnhorst his claim, therefore, different. “All citizens of the European Union are the born defenders of the same”, should be set now. Until recently, you would have to add: all citizens from countries of Nato. But because America is no longer reliable, and because no single European country can defend the rights and freedoms of its citizens alone, is now of Europe to the centre. The place of the “citizen in Uniform” has joined the EU-citizens.