Singer Arielle Dombasle, like many other celebrities, confided in the media about motherhood. At 69, the star assumes her choice not to want children. “I am one of the women who chose it, wanted it. Sort of eternal young girls. Pasionaria never became a mother”, she explained to Paris Match and added: “I love children. We play like crazy”.

In the show There is only one life in life on Europe 1, the star had also declared to be an eternal young woman: “I can’t explain it well. It’s very fierce. It’s something I’m very proud of, but sometimes I think I’m a very weird being (…) I’m a girl, not really a woman because a woman gives birth. With a man you love, we want to extend that with a child. Me, I say no, no.”.

The star was touched by the disappearance of her mother, who died when she was only 11 years old. “The fact that mum died at 32, which is very young, and in a heartbreak of love on top of her illness, meant that I always felt a revolt, little girl, and that I I told myself that I was going to succeed in my life and avenge my mother“, she explained and continued:”My father was in love with someone else. protect me.”

Since 1993, the singer has been married to the writer Bernard-Henri Lévy. A love story seems to be in good shape: “I like to play the role of the being who exalts, who is loved, who dazzles his partner”, she confided on Europe 1. Planet invites you to discover the sublime Arielle Dombasle in our slideshow.