You just wanted to quickly run a wash cycle before heading out to work. Only here: in the heat of the moment, you washed your favorite cashmere sweater at a high temperature. As a result, he shrunk by a size or two… According to Femme Actuelle, this phenomenon is caused by heat: hot water loosens the fibers of your tissues. As a bonus, wringing makes the situation worse, as the hot water evaporates, which tightens the fibers again.

To prevent this kind of inconvenience, know that there is a very simple trick. According to the magazine, it would suffice to put a liter of water in a basin and dissolve 100 grams of coarse salt in it. Once the salt is well dissolved, immerse your clothes in it and mix them for a few minutes before letting them sit overnight. The next day, wring out your clothes and put them in the washing machine as usual.

Thanks to the anti-shrinkage properties of the salt, you are sure to find your clothes looking like new when they come out of the washing machine! In addition, salt has freezing properties, which allows the color of your clothes to hold well. Who says better ?

The damage is done and you think you’ll never be able to wear that sweater you love so much again? Rest assured. Still according to FemmeActuelle, it is quite possible to unfelt a sweater with the simple help of your iron. To do this, simply iron it by gently stretching the stitch. “Repeat the operation until the sweater returns to its normal size”, specifies the magazine. Phew, you are saved!