Fans have suspected for years that the song by pop star is about the actor.

Swift’s reissue of “Red” her fourth album has been a huge hit with fans. Now, some believe that one song could be the reason for Swift’s split from actor Jake Gyllenhaal.

Swift and Gyllenhaal were together for three months eleven years ago. They were first seen together in October 2010, but split up by January 2011. Later, “Red” was released in 2012.

It is being speculated that the age gap between them — Swift was only 20 at the time and Gyllenhaal was 29, at the time — was part of their breakup.

After Swift released the 10-minute version of “All Too Well,” the theorizing began. New lyrics were added to the song, including one that refers to an age gap between Swift and his main character.

Swift sang, “They say all’s fine that ends well/ but it’s a new hell each time/ You double-cross your mind.” Swift sang, “You said that if we were closer in age/maybe it would have been okay/ That made me want to kill.”

A new line was added later in the song that referred to age gaps preference as a “punchline”, to a joke.

“And I wasn’t good at telling jokes/ But the punchline goes, ‘I’ll grow older, but your love stays my age Swift sang.

Swift also refers to turning 21 in the song. He sings about waiting at doors, but never seeing one’s object affection.

Many people quickly commented on the new lyrics via social media.

“Just read the lyrics to “all too well” 10 minute version. I feel GUTTED. How was jake Gyllenhaal the WORST boyfriend ever and yet had the AUDACITY of blaming their split on the age difference? As if he wasn’t the CHILDISH of them all. shared one fan’s tweet “The nerve men have my gods!”

I just finished listening to the 10 minute version of “all too well”, and it makes me feel TERRIBLE. How was jake Gyllenhaal the WORST boyfriend ever and yet had the AUDACITY of blaming their split on the age difference? as if HE weren’t the CHILDISH of all. The nerve men, my goodness!

— suk7 Red TV Day (@namverse November 12, 2021

“jake Gyllenhaal listening the 10 minute version of 21 taylor calling him out for his future. ‘I’ll grow older, but your lovers will stay my age.'” added another along with a photo of Gyllenhaal looking wide-eyed.

“I thought it was strange that taylor cast actors of an 11-year age difference in the all too well-known short film, but then I remembered jake Gyllenhaal was 31 and taylor 21 when they dated. :’) She is coming for her NECK,” wrote another.

I was thinking it was weird that taylor cast actors with an 11 year age gap in the all too well short film and then I remembered jake gyllenhaal was 30 and taylor was 21 when they dated :’) she is coming for his NECK 

— jenn (taylor’s version) (@wenniferjiggins) November 5, 2021

Since 2012’s release of “Red,” there has been speculation that “All Too Well,” is about the actor. The song tells of a road trip to New York and the original lyrics mention leaving a scarf at “your sister’s house”. These lyrics are still present in the updated version.

“Imagine if Jake Gyllenhaal had given Taylor Swift her scarf back.” was a tweeter who wrote.

Imagine Jake Gyllenhaal giving Taylor Swift her scarf back.

— Alex Goldschmidt (@alexandergold). November 12, 2021

Fans with eagle eyes had previously linked the lyrics to a photo that showed Swift and Gyllenhaal walking together. A 2017 appearance on “Watch What Happens Live!” Gyllenhaal’s sister Maggie Gyllenhaal said she was “in denial” about the mysterious accessory during a 2017 appearance on “Watch What Happens Live!”

“I didn’t understand why everyone asked me about the scarf.  It’s possible, but I don’t know,” Maggie Gyllenhaal stated at the time.

Swift stated during a Thursday appearance on ” the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon that she wrote the longer version “All Too Well” at rehearsal when Swift was 21.

She explained that she showed up to rehearsals feeling really sad and upset. Everyone could see it. “So I began playing guitar, and kept playing the same four chords over-and-over. The band joined me and I began ad-libbing about what I was feeling… the song continued to build in intensity.

Swift stated that Swift’s final song was too long so she had it cut for the “Red” initial release. Swift decided to replace the track with the original 10-minute version when it was time for the re-release.

Swift has been re-recording many of her albums ever since an public feud she had with Scooter Braun (an executive at Big Machine Records), in which Swift was involved.

Fans of “All Too Well” as well as those seeking more information from the singer have plenty to look forward. Friday, July 7th at 7 p.m. Swift will release a short movie on YouTube. It is based on “All Too Well”, starring Sadie Sink, Dylan O’Brien. Fallon was told that the short film will contain lots of Easter eggs.