Nothing here comes as a surprise. And it is rare that this needs to be praised than outstanding quality of a film. Each accusation, each resigned defense, any insight, even the title question seem to be scrambling to stretch on a long winding us up. Curve to curve we see them coming closer, but at the time of their arrival, we cringe. You have to be a romantic to wish that the Inevitable could be averted. You would treat this beautiful Couple. Because Ronald Zehrfeld, Laura Tonke rarely so muscle pretentious, but rarely so vulnerable like here, and a terrific, sad and defiant, the art piece is finished, display highly individual characters, the invite at the same time, without any identification. Marc and Sonja, we all are. Sooner or later. Or again and again.

it is literally felt, the heavy burden of separation, which will see the protagonist, we are in flashbacks as a fresh Couple in love, every ease. Not even the Chili con carne in this remote restaurant whose recipe has changed anything, still tastes roughly the same. Thirteen years earlier, it held the wet, with an empty Tank and a full heart here, stranded lovers for the outstanding food in the world; now strong must be salt, to bear the stew. How trivial, how true. The Lucky ones all the happiness, the Disappointed all the disappointment. “Really now?” ask Marc made him a partner in the retained stone to return to the he once his cell phone number you scribbled. “We’re not friends,” says Sonja hard, but not evil.

sets to speak of such simplicity, that you listen to them spellbound, is great art. A simple Happy ending seems impossible, but the Film is much too honest, but in the disaster that everything has to lead. Finally, the Cutting of one’s own failure happens with amazing consideration. The occasion of a last ride offers to the common weekend the house before the gates of Frankfurt. It is to be sold, so that the old question is: “What remains of the two of us actually left?” The fact there may be many individual answers. The Film but the far larger question of whether not just an Excess of individualism and happiness, expectation of relationships today, rather in the way is interested. The thirst for routes? To give up is equal to the decrease of desire? We confuse love with romance novels?

to make A unusual adult Film

The traditional model illustrating the neighbors, who have managed their quirks pooling. Antics there were also here: “But that has changed nothing to the fact that we stayed together.” If the in the fridge around the motor says at the end of Esther (Eleonore weisgerber) your together with your old become novel (Günther Maria Halmer) “Hit me on the butt,” then the essence of love seems to be stuck. This cuddly neighbors; the fresh Separate is now a case of what Marc and Sonja the same and accept. The unplanned evening together with wine and candles is not only a question of a search of the first cracks in their love – children, a little Carelessness, but expands to a great relationship inventory, which promotes repressed and Hidden to light.