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Little wind and a lot of heat in the celebration this weekend of the Championship of Andalucia Windsurfing who gathered in the waters of the bay of Cadiz in a hundred windsurfers in andalusia. With a lot of work, the race committee led by Javier Blanco took advantage of the conditions so that all classes could make their debut on Saturday and finish on Sunday with three more tests to the tables Techno and Raceboard, and a for the Open Foil, while the Formulas in-class quality of the guest remained to this day without racing, confirming the victory of the athlete Jaime Andrés, CV Valdelagrana, escorted on the podium by Roberto Ortiz, of the same club, and Hugo, Andrew, the CN Port, Sherry, second, and third, respectively.

Curro Manchon earned unbeaten in the class Raceboard, where the windsurfer of the CN Port, Sherry returned to win three races on the Sunday, to be followed in all by Álvaro Rivera, CV Valdelagrana, runner-up of Andalusia, in front of the Danish Buhl Hansen, third in the order of arrival of the three tests to close the podium final. The third andalusian and fourth absolute was Paco Manchon, from the CN Port, Sherry, who said farewell with a three-quarter positions.

Three races were fighting also in the class Techno to resolve the championship with six scheduled. In the under 15 won unbeaten the sailor of the CN Port, Sherry, Jaime Aragon, followed by Arancha Sahuquillo and White Cueto, sailors of the CN Seville, second and third respectively. In the under 17, the young Alexander Arauz, of the CN Port, Sherry, confirmed its leading position with a second and two first, which are decisive to win by the minimum of Lucia Garcia Cubillana that won the first race and was second in the other two, results that united to the draw of an outside line on the opening day, allowed the sailor to the CN Seville proclaimed runner-up of absolute and first femina. Completed the podium the windsurfer of the CN Fuengirola Mary Czech.

Techno Plus, three victories and the possibility of getting rid of an out-of-line, leaving the sailor to the CN Puerto Sherry Manuel Álvarez-Dardet win the championship with two points of income on Gonzalo Ortiz, the nautical seville, who two seconds were enough to stay leader. Completed the podium the young Luisa Siloniz, the CN Port, Sherry, who closed with a third and two fourths to his magnificent performance in the waters of cadiz.

finally, in the Open class Foil, the low intensity of the wind only allowed to add one more proof in the end, test won by Fernando Lamadrid (CN Port Sherry) followed by Fernando Martinez del Cerro (CAND Chipiona), Juan Manuel Moreno (Vistahermosa), and Ukrainian) with base in Algeciras and representative of its real club nautico, Maksim Oberemko, order which however did not lead to changes in the general final encumbraba Martinez of the Hill as a champion of an autonomous region, followed by Oberemko, Lamadrid, and Brown to the doors of the podium.