Apple makes is known not to be smaller than it is, and praises new iPhones on a regular basis with many superlatives. So, too, when you from today, pre-order playable iPhone Xr (market start 26. October). The Smartphone have the "advanced LCD Display in the industry", claims Apple.

in fact, the iPhone Xr, and nobody knows why it is called so, therefore, comes in the chic Look of the iPhone X. The almost borderless 6.1-inch Display with a Notch at the upper edge of the screen looks good. Yet the same power is in the model, strong A12-Chip used in Apple’s luxury model, the iPhone Xs. And also the camera of the iPhone Xr is expected to provide, such as Apple’s usual good snapshots. More accurate Tests will have to confirm this, however.

Nevertheless, there are a few good reasons not to buy at least 849 euros expensive Apple phone.

this is The iPhone Xr 6.1 inch large Display2.942 Milli-ampere hours of battery capacity, available storage sizes of 64 GB, 128 GB or 256 GB memory 3 GByteA12-Chip of the latest Generation (such as the iPhone Xs)Available in six colors

1. LCD Display

One reason for this is the almost borderless screen, is calculated. This is because, unlike in the case of its Premium models, Apple has equipped the iPhone Xr only an LCD Display. The OLED technology is now Standard in the latest Smartphones of the upper class.

whether it’s a Samsung Galaxy S9 or grade 9, or even the cheaper middle-class model of the Xperia XZ3, Sony – all have a strong OLED Screen, and thus the state of the art Display technology. Anyone looking for an Apple Smartphone in the same price class as the iPhone Xr, in addition to the one year old iPhone X. The former flagship, in contrast to the iPhone Xr an OLED Display, and now costs only around 850 euros (64 GB).

And still a disappointment, there is the Display of the iPhone Xr. As the Tech experts have established of Unbox Therapy in a Video, is the density of the pixels in its brand-new iPhone Xr is exactly the same as the iPhone 4 came in June 2010 on the market. In fact, both models have 326 ppi (for comparison: the iPhone X comes to 458 ppi).

The pixel density gives information about how detail is true to life and sharp screen. The less pixels a Screen has, the more inaccurate the letters and symbols are. "for Example, photos and pictures on a device with a high pixel density is a much more realistic and true-to-life", writes specialist web site "".

2. iPhone 8, or X

is As already touched upon, is there for the user, where the Display is particularly important, some of the Alternatives. The iPhone X has now fallen sharply in price and is still a Top phone (here's to the CHIP-Test) that can compete with current models. And also the iPhone 8 can still be good as an Alternative, if customers have to make compromises. For the approximately one-year old model now costs only 550 Euro. Best offer on

3. Huawei Mate 20

Who is toying with an Android Smartphone, you can grab among the many Android models, even the new top of the CHIP leaderboard. The brand new Huawei Mate 20 Pro (market start to the end of October) recently celebrated the world premiere of and convinced in the Hands on the CHIP-experts in all categories. Thanks to a very good OLED display (6.4 inch larger than the iPhone Xr), an excellent camera and a powerful battery, the Mate 20 Pro is one of the Smartphone’s-tips this autumn. The relatively high starting price of 999 Euro should fall in the coming weeks.

the Huawei Mate 20 Per pre-order, and Amazon Echo Show free back up (display) to offer

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit Backup-conversion is imminent – the users must note urgently Best offer on Apple iPhone Smartphone