Apple on Tuesday in a well-attended press conference at the bedrijfshoofdkwartier in California, Cupertino-the new iPhone is 11 proposed. The Us technology giant, has also the date of launch of the AppleTV+, which is competing with Netflix, to enter into, adopt.

as usual, the annual presentation of the new Apple products will take place at the Steve Jobs of the Theater, which was named after the great guru of the company. CEO Tim Cook opened the debate with more news on Apple, Arcade / game room, and a subscription service on mobile and video games, which released earlier this year, it was announced. The games would not only be on the iPhone and iPad can be played, but it is also a smart tv. That plan is on the 19th of september be launched in over 150 countries, and the costs shall be converted as € 4.99 per month. It is not known whether or not that is a date and a price for the Belgium funds.

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Apple is launching on the 1st of november will also be media: AppleTV+ has to compete with Netflix. The price is also substantially lower: for € 4.99 per month and allows users in 100 countries, will soon be looking to a series of hollywood stars like Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston (“The Morning Show”) and Jason Momoa (‘See’).

for the Larger iPad, and the new , Apple Watch

you can Also use the iPad, will be redesigned for the seventh generation, is of 25.9 inches, slightly larger than the previous one, and is compatible with Apple and Pencil, a keyboard, and according to Apple it’s also ideal for multi-tasking. Cost: at least 389 euros.

now, You have to recognize that Apple fans are always on with the Apple Watch on their wrist. That is a gadget and can, for example, to measure the impact of noise on health, or automatically call emergency services if it is a trap game. The new model (series 5) is now available for your sleeping analyze and if you get lost, it can rely on the built-in compass. For all of you that fijns has a minimum of 361 in the euro is down.

Photo: AFP < / P> critical Moment, shall let:

in Traditional stores, Apple is the best for the last. After the disappointing sales of the iPhone X, iPhone the 11, the hegemony of the U.s. company to break into the smartphone market stabilised, but that the presentation of the news blew no one out of their seat: with six brand new colours, a little larger display, a faster computer chip, or a camera, “for better photos” to make room for the superfans.

as For the model – starting next Friday – you will pay soon, 809 euros, which is the more expensive models such as the iPhone 11, Pro the iPhone, for 11, Pro Max, don’t go over-the-counter for less than 1.159, and 1.259 to the euro.

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