Apple is set Tuesday for the new iPhone. Well, at least that is the rumor mill in the technologiewereldje. According to insiders, the techbedrijf three new versions of the popular smartphone will launch with a host of new gadgets.

Currently, globally, 900 million active iPhone users to get around. After the disappointing sales of the iPhone X, in 2017, it is expected that Apple will price it for the model 11 is relatively low, and it will allow the company to users, it may attract a large share of the smartphone market is in the hands of them.

it is expected that Apple will be Tuesday at its headquarters in California san francisco-three-new-models-launch: in addition to the 14.7 inches wide iPhone, for 11, Pro and 16.5 inches wide-iPhone 11, Pro Max is a relatively cheap, entry-level (to 15.5 cm) and that the people who are in the traditional, more expensive, Apple, it must to persuade. The iPhone 11R would be reported as “less than” 677 dollars, while the iPhone 11 Pro is likely the 904 will cost, and the Pro-Max-model-994€.

According to the insiders, the new models have a better camera, faster chips and a new operating system, and it’s actually a new color (dark green) are in the works. The new models would be too (using their own system, wireless charging may be used.
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