The iPhone is the bug: With the discovery of a security vulnerability callers were able to make the Smartphone of Apple to the eavesdropping device. The gap was in the night to the Tuesday publication. It is based on the new, with iOS 12.1 introduced the function of the Group calling with Facetime. The App allows Audio and video calling among Apple users. The new Group calls with up to 32 participants, there is only since October.

Michael Spehr

editor in the Department “technology and Motor”.

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Apple reacted immediately and the group telephony switched off. The gap can no longer be taken advantage of. As long as the error exists, and whether it was actually exploited is not known.

to eavesdrop on others secretly, you had to be a Hacker. Starting a Facetime call, and while the System was trying to establish the connection, you had to add itself as an additional participant. The Software was then that a group of entertainment had already begun, and turned off the microphones of all participants.

With the deactivation of the group of telephony by Apple is stopped, the potential abuse. By the end of the week, Apple has announced an Update for its operating system. Who wants to go completely safe, can also disable the Facetime feature on his Apple devices. To do this, go to the menu “settings” of your iPhone or iPad, select “Facetime” and disabled it.