The city of Frankfurt wants to Park to introduce in the next few months, the mobile phone in all paid Parking zones. In addition, head of the Traffic Department, Klaus Oesterling (SPD) is planning as a response to the most recent Diesel-judgment, a restriction of the free Parking in many Places in the city. In addition, the Parking in the municipal Parking garages, and then probably also in the private will be in the foreseeable future, more expensive.

Joe rubbed seeds

editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

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the cell phone Parking there will be car drivers to pay their Parking fees, cashless via Smartphone. For the driver this has the advantage that you no longer have to run to the vending machine to pull a Parking ticket. In addition, the billing minutes. Who, for example, 21 minutes parks, does not have to pay more like 40 minutes, because the vending machines only count in 20-minute intervals.

so Far, five vendors

The traffic Department, will present, according to the city Council Oesterling soon to be an appropriate template. After that, it will connect Frankfurt to the “regional portal for the mobile Park” of the society for Integrated traffic and mobility management (IVM), whose shareholders are the Federal States of Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate, in the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund as well as the city of Frankfurt and other circle-free Hessian cities. As the first city had decided to Mainz in 2009 for this Portal, it is now used also of Wiesbaden, Hanau and Bad Homburg.

The users of the Frankfurt cell phone Parking will be able to select on of said platform, currently has five providers, where you pay the Park fee, to your favorites. You need to log in to it with your Bank account, the fees will be debited from your account. If you Park your car at a location in the city, the Parking is managed, log in via an App. You leave the Parking lot, you must log out via the App.

control by city police

For the payment process, the user shall pay a fee in the cents area. In spite of this fee you would normally, but be financially better than a Parking ticket from the vending machine, because the cell phone Parking minutes will be billed, says Heike Mühlhans, the managing Director of the IVM. According to their data, will be made once a month the collected Parking fees to the city of Frankfurt. For this, the desired solution is, according to Oesterling, the advantage of this is that the municipality must practically invest in nothing. Is controlled Parking but still by the city police. Their employees will get access to the Parking platform of the IVM, and can determine whether a parked car is registered.

the advantage of The IVM platform is that competition among the system operators granted because the motorist has a choice. The IVM plays the role of a mediator between the local communities, which offer Parking, and system operators, who will take payroll. The cities, however, continue to be exempted, and the Park conditions to be set, for example, the amount of the Parking fees in certain locations.