as for The racism, the Italian football, it seems still to be a long-term project, even in spite of all the global fuss around apengeluiden of supporters, a couple of years ago in the direction of Romelu Lukaku is the club for them, without penalty,…).

the Football club, Cagliari and will not receive the penalty for the racist remarks made by his fans around the world compared to Romelu Lukaku, because of the Italian football federation (FIGC) is of the opinion that there was discrimination, there was no question, in this way, they will on Tuesday know about it.

Then, Lukaku is preparing to take a penalty kick for his club Inter, the fans, a couple of years ago opinion. The Italian club also condemned the behaviour of his fans around the world, and even the Serie A has announced a antiracismecampagne, but the FIGC saw that there was a sufficient basis, in order to have a sanction to go to. The sounds that were in the area of scalability and performance are not of such a nature as to be considered discriminatory to be valid”.

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For fine, small throw

the plastic bottles on the field to throw it, lift it to the Italians, they are very hard. Cagliari had to pay a fine of 5,000 euros. Inter will take to the Tuesday night in the Champions League against Slavia Prague, Romelu Lukaku started for the base.

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