as Andy Murray (ATP 243) and Stan Wawrinka (WTA 18) will play Sunday in the final of the European Open in Antwerp, belgium.

The Shot kegelde on Saturday, the French revelation, Ugo Humbert (ATP 70) in three sets in the tournament and qualified for the first time since the beginning of February 2017, in the final of an ATP tournament. Thereafter followed years of injuries. At the beginning of this year, the Australian Open announced that two-time olympic champion, that he would end his career. A major surgery, however, gave him new hope. In the singles celebrated the end of summer are back. “Of course, I am happy with it, even though it was a tough race,” gave the former number one in the world after the party in mind. “He moves well around the pitch and his timing is perfect. For me, it only started to improve when I’m in my store it came from. In the first game of the third set was a turning point: I scored with the tips, and then gave it a break.”

2u35 in the quarter-finals against Marius Copil and 2u22 at Humbert, has Michael been a lot of speelminuten place in Antwerp, belgium. “Little by little, I think my tennis is back and I feel that I better move. Yet, as in the past, and it was then that my real strength as well. I feel like it’s all starting to come back. Physically, it worked, and the games aren’t too long.”

Photo: Photo in the News < / P> Murray and Wawrinka are on Sunday, for the twentieth time, across from each other. The Scot has won all eleven times against the Swiss, on this occasion, however, the team is the favourite. The last time the two players face each other and were in the last year in Eastbourne, but most of all, their mutual game in the semi-finals of Roland Garros the year before that is when many people are still in the memory. Wawrinka took out the, after an exciting vijfsetter. “Like the time in Paris, this time, of course, is not to be. The situation is completely different: I’ve had my heupprobleem, Wawrinka has troubles with him. It has taken us months to learn to get back in and it will never be the same again. That doesn’t mean that it’s nice to have another from him in the final.”

for More about Andy Murray-Andy Murray has reached the been struggling for the semi-finals of the European Open: “a Little at a time, I went back to my former level” – Andy Murray drew a big eye and when he was, Kim Clijsters looked to play tennis “If they are physically in order, it will be very good to do it,” the Australian Open-and-organization-confirms the arrival of Andy Murray, hoping to get Kim’s Is the real Andy Murray can finally go back? The former number one in the world, to win in Beijing