Antwerp –

A handful of workers in the port of Antwerp, which is already laughing, a stolen load of cocaine is to open it and even taste it. Those images, dating back to april, and most recently, our editorial staff can be reached to do up a lot of dust raised. The federal police’s behavior, not that funny, and the start of a study to the workers: “This is not okay behavior”.

you can Click the images to see how some of the dock workers in a container around a load of cocaine in to collect it. One man puts a knife into a packet of coke, and it tastes even of the ‘ pure-jacket ”. “Why don’t I try, you still have to show that the cocaine was”, what it sounds like. To the great amusement of his colleagues.

the federal police, the first world war was brought to the attention of the drugsvondst, and at that moment it was on its way, it has all the necessary reservations with regard to the conduct of the men. “We’re not the only one investigating, the found the drugs, but also to the workers,” said spokesperson Sarah Frederickx. “Well, We’ll have the men that can be identified in the images, identify them, and to draw up a report. This is not an ok behavior.” The Antwerp public prosecutor must then decide whether or not and to what effect there will be on that pv). In anticipation would be that there are no further comments will be lost. According to the police, the workers in question are too severe to be dealt with by their employer.

the Employers ‘ organizations, CEPA is responsible for the work in the port of Antwerp, and, most recently, an awareness-raising campaign conducted, is called the case, especially for a “poor joke”, and said that the men on Wednesday in their behavior. “The people in question did not follow the guidelines that we prescribe,” says managing director Yann Pauwels in the VRT’s OFFICIAL. “At the least, to say the least, we find it very unfortunate that there is a way to go about it and that they were videos and photos of the trip.”

On the question of whether the men with their wanton conduct, there is no risk of the wrath of the people, on the neck pick up, it wants to be in the police force not to pre-judge the issues. “I don’t know what people are thinking, but it seems to me, however, if you’re careful. Take a look at the lawyer with a drug dealer who lived in the Netherlands, it was shot down.”
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