Antonio Lizana, towards a new flamenco-jazz


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Escaping of paths already explored, the saxophonist and singer Antonio Lizana (San Fernando, Cádiz, 1983) forward without fear in the symbiosis of jazz and of flamenco in “A different reality”, their new album. A journey of nine songs that reflects his continuous personal search and in the betting for the need of transmit a message optimistic to the world, in these times so turbulent.

Lizana serves us from Chiclana, after having passed the quarantine the united States. “All of this coronavirus caught me on New York , in Harlem, very close to Central Park,” says the musician from cadiz. “Everything has gone well because I’ve been holed up at home as if you had been here”.

A pandemic that has enabled him to realize all that you sacrifice when you are on tour. “The fact of being three months without moving, it has been like, “Wow!”, really I don’t know if I want to go back to the old normal (laughs).” During this time Antonio has given him time to listen to music and to compose. “I have done three mini-productions of videos at home, playing all instruments and singing with several voices. And that has made me get into the world of the production and rearmonizacion . I like it that way”, she confesses.

The title of album , although it seems deliberately chosen, it was chosen before the pandemic. “Yes, it seems prescient . It is an upbeat song, full of hope, that in origin was a kind of nana but for adults . In fact, in many of my compositions I try to evoke a kind of greatest love: that the romantic, that will make people to be more generous, compassionate and sensitive “.

Talking more in depth about the album, Lizana highlights the way in which it has been produced. “My previous works were made to the way of how to do a jazz album, with all the music more or less written.” In this, the process has been different. “I have taken the study only the skeleton of the songs and there we have done all arrangements in group “. Among the collaborations, highlights of the american singer Becca Stevens. “I wanted to collaborate with someone to sing in English to open up my music to other places. I love it because it is the antidiva, with a personality so overwhelming, but being a genuine worker”, he shoots.

“A different reality” contains aires jazz players, Latin and flamenco . “A lot of times I catch a flamenco palo and take it out of context. With the garrotín is what we did, with an air more R&B. And the same with the seguiriya”. A music, the flamenco, which intends to dedicate coming soon to a disc of traditional cut . “Yes, perhaps it is the project that I really fancy right now, to do an anthology of songs with which I feel identified”.

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