Antonio Conte is known for his temper, and that, at Inter, in spite of a good start to the season, it has not gone away. After the painful Champions League defeat at Borussia Dortmund and took the emotional Italian restaurant that is hard to… to its board of directors.

The Nerazzurri were on the pitch, the Borussen are quickly on to a 0-2 lead. Romelu Lukaku seemed to be Axel Witsel, and Thorgan Hazard and to correct it, but after the break put for EXAMPLE the world situation. The German club and has scored three times, and finally won by 3 to 2.

much To the frustration of Conte, who, a couple of miles and had a good sideline, and his team on the pitch for FC Barcelona with a lead from the hand to see. “It’s disappointing, but what can I say about all this? It is said that I have to laugh when I was on the tv yet, but I have always the same things go. As we grow step by step,” said the Italian to Sky Italia.

“In the preparations for the season have been huge mistakes made. I now have enough of it to repeat it. I’d like to think the director of the Inter-here is a picture of him to explain it. January? That transfer is something I don’t. The planning was a lot better in one sitting. We can’t be in two sections, with the Serie A and the Champions League are to compete. I’m really upset, because it is not possible for the club. We have hit the limit as a team.”

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most of The laughed in their sleeve at the wrist. She remembered immediately, a well-known statement that Conte did as the coach of the Old Lady: “You can’t go out to eat at a restaurant and the 100 euro for only ten euro in your pocket”. When it is intended as a criticism of the management of the club, who introduced him to the players that he wanted to be.

“be My guest to play at 100 km/h and I can provide them thanks, for them it is nothing to be blamed”, he Conte is still on. “It bothers me, and I hope that in this match, the players are upset. All We can do, and that’s what we’re doing. I can only hope that these kind of matches, something to make it clear to those who have to do something about it.”

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Conte, accused, so the transferpolitiek from the web to the defeat in Dortmund, germany. The Striker, now an analyst with beIN Sports, he saw that it was somewhat different.

“the Inter collapsed entirely, and the motion of the city of Dortmund, it was amazing,” said the Frenchman, who, as a topkandidaat for Bayern Munich. “It was as if she was always a little man was on the right Hakimi, and their technology made the difference. That raises questions about the system and that of Conte, ed.). If you’re in a 5-3-2 to play, you only have one flankspeler, and has to join the game. So, after an hour, it is difficult to continue to do so. Then, you’ll be a man short. Dortmund made too many receivers behind the central defenders, especially Skriniar. There were a lot of problems.”

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Wenger felt that Inter had to play football in the second half. “It was a bad night for them,” said the Frenchman. “So they don’t get results. Two of the times they will have a competitive edge over the hands. If you get to 0-2 advantage, and still lose in the Champions League, then losing your confidence. They will be lost every time the ball, especially in the second half. If you’re at this level, the ball is just to give away, then you will be severely punished. They will be able to hit the ball is not in the team to hold on to the moments in which they are required to do so.”

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The ex-trainer of the Arsenal, gave his views on the problems at FC Barcelona. As he said that, Antoine Griezmann, especially, is too hard, try to do so. “He feels guilty because he was there last summer and had to have a year with the Trophy to keep. And now to forget about one’s own qualities in order to be in the service of the team.”

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