Anti-racism protests – Now the heads of the ancestor nThe “Black roll Lives Matter”movement in the US has jumped from road to important institutions. Confederate flags removed, statues decapitated, raging, Trump. An Overview.0 KommentareEr is considered to be a violent discoverer of America, now he is a head shorter: A Statue of Christopher Columbus in Boston. Photo: Reuters

In the Wake of the protests against racism in the United States after the death of George Floyd, a discussion of the culture of remembrance in the country is flared. The idea of a renaming of the controversial names of US military bases granted to the US President Donald Trump on Wednesday, a clear rejection. Meanwhile, the leading Democrat, asked in the house of representatives, to remove the eleven statues in the Capitol.

The death of the African-American Floyd during a police operation more than two weeks on 25. May has triggered mass protests against systematic racism and police violence across the country and around the world. The protests are ongoing. A white police officer had pressed his knee almost nine minutes in the back of the neck of the lying on the ground man – despite his repeated requests, to let him breathe. The policeman and three of the operation as participating colleagues were dismissed, arrested and charged. Floyd had been arrested because of suspicion to have a fake 20-Dollar bill in paid, fixed. He had been a rack on Tuesday.

Trump calling military bases “sacred sites”

Trump made it clear on Wednesday on Twitter that his Administration would not agree to any Change in the names of up to ten vertices of the military, such as Fort Bragg in North Carolina, Fort Hood in Texas or Fort Benning in Georgia. Among other things, the civilian chief of the army, Ryan McCarthy, had been shown previously open to discuss it. “This is a monumental and very powerful support points have become part of a great American heritage and a history of winning, victory and freedom,” wrote Trump.

Trump called the facilities “sacred sites” in which “heroes” formed had been. “That is why my government will not even think about the renaming of this magnificent and legendary military facilities.” In America’s history as the “greatest Nation in the world”, which had won two world wars, will not be shaken. Trump called for respect for the military.

It is a question of bases, which are named after military leaders of the Confederate States. The confederates had fought in the American civil war (1861-1865) against the North and against the abolition of slavery and against more rights for Black people fought back.

the Democrats are shaking at the statues in the Capitol

for the same reason, the speaker of the house of representatives, the Democrat Nancy Pelosi demanded the removal of statues in the Capitol in Washington. They represent eleven soldiers and representatives of the Confederate States, to embody, but in the opinion of Pelosi, the highest Ideals of the United States. “Your statues are a tribute to the hate, not the heritage,” she wrote in a letter to the competent authority of the Congress. The proposal is not entirely new: as early as 2017 Pelosi called for their removal.

Columbus without a head

Meanwhile, beheaded Unknown, according to local media, a Statue of Christopher Columbus reports in a Park in the East coast city of Boston. After the incident in the night of Wednesday, mayor Marty Walsh announced that the Rest of the monument dismantle. Also in Richmond (Virginia) was overthrown, according to the TV channel NBC 12, a monument to Christopher Columbus, was set on fire and into a lake thrown in.

paving the way for the slave trade: A Statue of Christopher Columbus was thrown into a lake in Richmond. Photo: Instagram@videoguns via Reuters

Columbus was one of the first Europeans in the so-called New world and is often referred to as the discoverer of America. Historians and civil rights activists criticize him for his violent behaviour towards the indigenous people of the Americas and crucial to have the TRANS-Atlantic slave trade contributed to the.

“From the winds

The American streaming provider HBO max gone with the wind” from the program caused a stir with the announcement of the film classic “gone with The wind” to take for the time being, from the program (we reported). The to Warner, the Media company wanted to put the Film for explanations of the racial prejudice and the problematic representation of slavery to the side, said a spokesman. “He will be taken up with an explanation of its historical context and in distancing himself from the racist portrayals in the program again”, it was said, according to “Hollywood Reporter” in a Statement of the company.

“The wind” is gone with the wind released in 1939 and the story of the mistress, Scarlett O’hara is told in the U.S. southern States during the civil war. Even after the abolition of slavery, several African-American characters volunteer and loyal to Scarlett’s family, issues of slavery are not discussed in the classics.

Nascar without the war flag of the Confederate

The popular Motorsport series, Nascar ban on Wednesday on the future use of the war flag of the confederates during their races. “The presence of the Confederate flag at Nascar events is contrary to our commitment to providing an inclusive environment for all of our Fans, attendees, and our industry,” it said in a statement. The only African-American Nascar driver Bubba Wallace had spoken only a few days ago for such a ban.

This sight belongs definitely to the past: Confederate flags are now forbidden in Nascar. Photo: keystone, plans for police reform

According to the Democrats the White house plans announced for a police reform. President Donald Trump has spent the past ten days, to work on proposals that had been considered in the case of the protests after Floyd’s death, said spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany. We hope that the plans in the coming days to present. A bill the Democrats in Congress would not agree to Trump it.

the reason is that it foresees a reduction of the immunity of police officers. “That would cause the police to withdraw,” said McEnany. You acknowledge that there is injustice in the country. “But this President knows that, in principle, most of the police officers in this country are good.” The Democrats want to achieve, among other things, an easier prosecution when police misconduct. Police violence is also due to the increased use of body cameras to combat. Controversial methods such as the bars should be banned in firmly.

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