Anti-racism Demo in Zurich – in Spite of the Corona-ban: hundreds formed at bullingerplatz a demonstration that moved through the city center to the Bürkliplatz by the StrassenAm Monday at noon. There, hundreds of people gathered, without a police ride-on screw-on.62 Kommentare62Rund 1000 people marched through Zurich.Video: Tamedia

Anti-racism protests to keep the United States since the days of the in breath. In Zurich, formed on Monday afternoon, a demonstration of solidarity. Around 1000 persons have followed a different Calling in the social media and had gathered first on the Bullinger place in the circle 4.

Shortly after 12 o’clock the procession was getting bigger, started. The protesters marched past the Lochergut, by the circle 3, and then the long road down, then in the direction of the main train station and the Bahnhofstrasse. They behaved peacefully and carried banners with Slogans such as “Black Lives Matter”, “Silence is Violence” or “White Silence Kills”. They were mainly young. Many Mouth guards wore – although not a majority, but definitely more than in the S-Bahn.

solidarity with the Port in the United States: Protesters on Monday in Zurich.Photo: Dominique Meienberg

On the Bürkliplatz, the March stopped finally. The demonstrators sit down and held a sort of minute’s silence. Then, individual participants ‘ languages, to which the crowd rose, clapped and according to the “Black lives matter” chanted. The rally lasted for around half an hour long. The police did not initially look. From 14 o’clock the gathering broke up slowly.

The final rally on the Bürkliplatz.Photo: Dominique Meienberg

The police behaviour during the demonstration train through the city in the discreet and not a handle. On the contrary: First and foremost, a police car drove up, at the end of the turn, a police officer on the motorcycle. Due to the Corona-regulations on demonstrations would be banned in this Size actually. Currently, only rallies by groups of up to a maximum of five people by the Federal government approved. In the past few weeks, the city police had resorted to always consistently.

In a media release, the city police of Zurich writes, you have omitted “for reasons of proportionality, to a Stop of the Demonstrationszugs”. The Demonstration was very peaceful, and along the Route there had been no property damage, police wrote more. Shortly after 14 o’clock you have made, but the remaining demo of participating in the Bürkliplatz, on the applicable Covid-regulation of the Federal Council’s attention and reprimanded.


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