Scam artists are always more ingenious when it comes to extracting money from us. This time, it is a new scam that is difficult to detect that they have developed. So much so that some people, who are particularly suspicious, have fallen into the trap.

As France 3 Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur reports, this system follows several very specific steps to which it is important to pay attention.

First, several text messages are sent to the target. They seem to come from Ameli, who warns that you have to order a new vital card so as not to see your social security rights suspended. The SMS are accompanied by a link asking you to enter your bank details in order to pay 40 cents for the shipping costs.

However, it is after this that the scam becomes more complex. Indeed, later in the day, the victim receives a call. At the end of the line, a man pretending to be the banker: “Hello? I am the anti-fraud manager of your bank… you have been the victim of an attempted scam”, transcribe our colleagues.

During the conversation, the person on the phone tricks the victim into believing that they are blocking a transfer to another country. In fact, she allows it.

Many similar methods are spreading in France. Some are more convincing than others, with the hacker sometimes giving the real name of the victim’s bank advisor.

For the luckiest people, the bank detects the scam and blocks the transfer before calling the account owner to warn him. On the other hand, other people have seen their accounts debited with large sums.