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The woman who was sat night, the assisenproces with the murder of Carmen Garcia Ortega (35), an anonymous letter was sent to roads put on, and had the experience of coming to testify in court. The woman didn’t make a first impression. “I don’t know who the killer is. The accused, Daniel Deriemacker but her tire is flat put it, I’ve heard it from a friend of mine.”

now, Though, she didn’t want to, it was in West Flanders, women, tonight, after 19 hours by the police, and to the Picturesque courthouse in the center to put. in the Morning, she got an anonymous letter in the assisenvoorzitter delivery, in which she explicitly states that she wishes to stay anonymous.

But the letter, which told me that the husband, Daniel Deriemacker of the murder, not just suicide, caused so much commotion that the assisenvoorzitter Antoon Boyen, the author let slip by. As to the family of the victim, Carmen, and a lawyer was called in, police were able to her identify, on the basis of the telephone number.

“I know this well, Carmen, if the whole family is Deriemacker,” said the woman Wednesday evening on president Boyen. “I think it’s important that the whole truth emerges.”

SEE ALSO. “Could be an anonymous letter was sent to assisenproces about the murder of Carmen. “The accused had for the murder by another man to make a living.”

According to the letter, it would Deriemacker, a French man of the order for the assassination are shown. Deriemacker, would the tires of the car, Carmen, have a shelf put in, and he would have been on the lookout.

“Why is it wrote that?”, wanted to be chairman of the Boyen know about it.

the Witness : “I’m his sister, Rebecca, who met them at the grocery store. She told me that Daniel actually knew who the killer was. He held his tongue to protect his family.”

the President : “There is, therefore, a second assailant?”

the Witness : “Deriemacker, that would also be very good friends, have told. I don’t know who the killer is. But what I have heard, directly, is that, Daniel, but her tire is flat stuck.”

the President : “Who told you that?”

the Witness : “I’d rather not say.”

the President : “You’re under oath. That said, you may have more problems.”

the Witness : “It was a M. D < / I> The sister of a friend of a Deriemacker, ed. ) “

After the testimony was allowed to be the woman in the courtroom to leave. In spite of the late hour, went into the process, and then continue on with the case of the Pol, Vandemeulebroucke, as the attorney of Daniel Deriemacker.
More about the Court of justice of the Council have A long sentence hanging over your head, but moordverdachte will take the truth to the grave: “the Slate has the honour to himself of” could be an anonymous letter was sent to assisenproces about the murder of Carmen, And 35): “the Accused had for the murder by another man of committing” For us, it’s obvious Daniel didn’t want to separate it, and so it had to be Carmen’s way”, “This was a to kill to kill: why are people after the murder of Josée (64) ended up with her ex-husband