From 1992 to 2018, the actress Anny Duperey made the success of TF1 with the fiction A wonderful family alongside Bernard Le Coq, Cécile Caillaud, Roméo Sarfati or even Jennifer Lauret. A role that popularized her with the French and which allowed her to win the 7 d’or for best fictional actress in 1993.

In an interview with the magazine Nous deux in 2020, the star confided in the end of the television series. “Since we stopped Une famille formidable, I’m very happy, because I’ve been offered extraordinarily different roles. I was afraid of being classified as “big nice”, which I am completely in life, and of have nothing else to play”, she had declared and to add that new opportunities have emerged: “Finally, for three years, I have not always sympathetic roles, which is very interesting to This woman who says at one point in the series: ‘I face reality and don’t think it’s more comfortable’ has a kind of ‘ruthlessness’ in her gaze, if I could invent that word. ‘have a lot of fun’.

The ex-companion of comedian Cris Campion does not seem to want to retire, quite the contrary. In 2019, Anny Duperey starred in Olivier Baroux’s film entitled Juste a Gigolo. In 2022, she should return to the big screen in the feature film Les Chemins de Pierre by Denis Imbert. On the side of the small screen, the actress has played in several other fictions such as Nina and the TV movie Petit ange which has not yet been broadcast.

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