For nearly 18 years, Anny Duperey lived a romantic idyll with comedian Bernard Giraudeau. The couple had two children: Gaël in 1982 then Sara in 1985. A romance that ended tragically in 1991 as she had confided in 2011 in the columns of Paris Match. “Bernard was a very difficult man, who did not like happiness (…) We had everything to be happy: beautiful children, work, money, and he found that happiness was boring”, had – she told and explained: “He was angry at everything. He was very negative all the time. That’s why we left each other”. Confidences revealed almost a year after the disappearance of the latter from cancer in 2010.

It is in the arms of another actor that Anny Duperey consoles herself. She met a certain Cris Campion, 19 years her junior, on the set of the TV movie Charlemagne, the prince on horseback, in 1993. In the latter, she played the role of Berthe au grand pied while her sidekick plays his grandson Pepin the Hunchback. A beautiful love story that will last 10 years.

Now, the septuagenarian seems to be enjoying happy days in her celibacy, as she admitted in 2019 to our colleagues at Gala. “Well, on the chapter of love, I often say: ‘The guinguette has closed its shutters and what a rest!’. I no longer want a man in my life”.

Never stingy with secrets about her private life, Anny Duperey did not hesitate to note that she had given in to cosmetic surgery. Asked by Gala in 2017, the famous actress explained that she had made some touch-ups “a few years ago” to her face.

“I had my neck and lower face lifted, but I kept my wrinkles,” she admitted to our colleagues. “I decided on it because more and more people were suggesting that I wear a small scarf on the set of A wonderful family. After a while, it became obsessive”. If she assumes this “false coquetry”, the committed actress still asked herself a question.

“Would I have done it if I hadn’t been an actress? I wonder,” she admits before concluding. “In any case, it was not a question of looking younger, of denying age, but just of erasing something unsightly”. Planet invites you to discover his incredible physical evolution throughout his career.