In the go away put Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, the CSU politician Manfred Weber, the short Hand on the small of the back. The two had completed a small appearance in front of cameras and microphones in a Potsdam Hotel. There, the CDU Executive Board had come to a conference, and Weber was a guest. Outside the sun is, what should be mentioned in view of the gloomy January weather, exceptionally, seemed. In short: It was not a scene from the life of the two Christian sister parties, as it was in the past three years, of course.

Eckart Lohse

head of the Parliamentary office in Berlin.

F. A. Z.

The small gesture, the CDU-Chairman should perhaps Unity. Much more important, however, is what the CDU had decided to Board earlier. Weber was determined by the CDU Executive Board “unanimously”, as the Chairman Kramp-karrenbauer announced proud to the leading candidates of both parties for the European elections in may. For the first time, the CDU and the CSU will go with a common candidate in the elections to the European Parliament, what is also of particular importance, because Weber reiterated on Monday his desire to be President of the Commission in Brussels.

the Two names were in the about a quarter of an hour-long appearance. Those of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and interior Minister Horst Seehofer. It is now more than a month long, the CDU-Chairman, he will submit to the office of CSU leaders next weekend. The dispute between the CDU and the CSU, the policy on asylum, had at some point reached a level that allowed only the concept of disagreement, and the break-up of the parliamentary group in the Bundestag had not been ruled out in the summer of last year. Regardless of occasional messages of Peace located a broken relationship between Merkel and Seehofer in the core of the dispute.

Kramp-Karrenbauer had confessed to the content of the page, Merkel and Weber had not been Seehofer in the way. But both belonged to since the late summer of 2015, to the temperate and moderate forces in the asylum dispute. Both were and are of the firm Belief that the sister’s dispute had a decisive role in the poor election results of the Union. In this respect, the appearance should convey on a Monday morning, and a message.

The asylum dispute does not conceal

Kramp-Karrenbauer will not hide from the asylum to the dispute. Rather, they had announced to have an early “Workshop” in which the refugee issue will have to be discussed. In February, the is to be held in Berlin. Is not intended as a durability-scale series of work-UPS of a conflict that lasted from their point of view is probably already much too long – but as an analysis of the State of things on the subject of Migration and a discussion with experts and stakeholders. The events of September 2015, which were always referred to as opening of the border, Merkel, in fact, but a to the absence of border closure were likely to be addressed; according to Kramp cart Builder, will, this is not meant to be a historical Seminar, or even a settlement with Merkel’s policy.

A month after their very brief election to the Chairman at the Hamburg Congress of the party, and a Christmas break Kramp begins-karrenbauer, the CDU to align its work programme. Started the with a technicality that is apparently important. It is not drawn in the office of her predecessor, Merkel, but in your current space on the fifth floor of the Konrad-Adenauer-house, the seat remained. Mirrored to your office is on the same floor, the Desk of the Secretary General, Paul Ziemiak. The Whole thing is to give the image a little in hierarchical Teams.