animal rights activists meet to manifest itself on Thursday on the premises of the Ghent-based biotechnology company Argenx. They call for the immediate cessation of all animal experiments, after the gruwelbeelden have cropped up in a German laboratory. Argenx declare on Thursday that, at present, no animal testing is carried out by the company.

a Few dozen activists of the organisations, Animal Rights, and Bite Back the names on Thursday to place on the premises of Argenx in the Park-Nrs. They held posters with pictures of monkeys, cats, and other animals that eat the subject.

The company in question had indicated earlier, shocked at the images and describe the situation to be unacceptable. “We take this incident very seriously, to repeat, a spokesman said on Thursday. “We have found that the German authorities, an investigation set up. We will follow the active, ongoing investigation.” The company is, however, that “to the LPT is not running test run by Argenx products, and that there are no plans for a new animal testing”.

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That answer is not enough for the activists. “Animal Rights ” has been very, very disappointed in the reaction of the pharmaceutical companies in the media,” says Jane Hochmuth of Animal Rights. “They are, that they will not at any time take into account the anxiety, fear, pain, and stress to the animals.”

as The activists point out alternatives to animal testing, and to point out that the rules on compulsory animal testing date back to “made in the sixties of the last century, to be replaced by a new law.”

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