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The canary us about your vision of how it has affected this pandemic, the sport of sailing, both in the present and in the future, in particular in the Optimist class and the races that have already been cancelled and short-term plans for the young sailors. At the same time, we mark a little, the new guidelines that must be taken to navigate safely and the real options of being able to make a championship of Spain before the turn of the cycle

How do you see this return to the activity and in what way?

Now the main thing is that the children return to enjoy the sea, try to give the maximum freedom for each one to go returning to the activity at your own pace and recovering sensations. The most important thing is to be attentive to what each one go expressing and see how you are doing, in terms of mood and physical and go giving them, little by little, what they demand in every moment. We, in the Real Club Náutico Gran Canaria we have already started with several jobs in the same line.

Given the enormous experience that you have as a coach for Optimist, do you think that sailor of the class should have come out before to sail to keep that feeling with the boat and with the sport of sailing, because that is not the same as a sailor, professional or semi-professional?

Well first thing’s first and we are in a delicate situation of which we have not yet come out. To date, no athlete has lost a sports career by stopping two, three or four months. We now return to start and step-by-step will end up better than they were at the beginning of march, more comprehensive and capable of assessing the sport they do.

As a coach of the Spanish team Optimist, what does it mean for you, the fact that you may not be able to celebrate the Cup and Championship of Spain?

Continuing with the same line I think that there are more important things. To work and to be prepared for if the conditions exist to perform the competitions is our task in the water and club, class and federations in the organization, but always with all the guarantees in matters of health. Personally I think it will be difficult and it is clear that it is a hard blow to children, especially to those of last year. In the Canary islands we have a great team, so it would be a shame, but I am saying that there are more important things and in this no one should take risks, in no time.

New times and new ways of coping with life. In what way has affected the sport of sailing, and how it affects now, in the present and in the future, since on the one hand it is one of the safest when it is in the sea, and on the contrary when one is in earth?

Affect us has affected us in all areas of life. In many of them for good. Particularly the sport of sailing I think that will happen to him as to others that are practiced outdoors. In addition, from now on, the company will be valued much more sport and physical activity in general. For the one and for the other we can see each time more people are facing the sea and looking for new experiences. Those who were already “addicted” I believe that after 70 days without being able to navigate and without leaving your home, we will value even more what we do. On the other hand, if we move forward positively at a general level and we can still go out to the water, in a short time everything will be as before or better.

If it is complex the current situation, highlighting among many other standards the limited mobility, how do you planificáis the rest of the season and what a way from the islands?

As you say, the main thing now is to go little by little, and the children go out to have fun and enjoy the sea and sailing. No dates, no expectations, but above all, there is no rush nor should we forget what is most important. Do not return to the point where we were two months ago and taking advantage of all that we can the opportunities to navigate are the priority. If the better thing will be able to move as before.

After cancelled the international races of Estonia and Italy in this 2020, do you see feasible to search for some alternative plan, clinic or improvement, in the face of that “national team”?

Honestly I don’t know, and I think that we should not jump the gun. Be prepared if the situation will improve, and act in the moment in which we have more variables clear is the only thing that you can think of today, like the next week it changes. If at the end there are who seek an alternative to competitions, sure that from the class and the federation will be undertaken interesting initiatives that ensure security protocols and that can be enforced in events more mass. A calendar of technical skill, joining together different regions, could be positive and attractive if all goes well.

is there any possibility that any club in Spain to be able to choose in this 2020 to host some of these international events, European and World, now void of face-to-September or October?

If all continues to improve it could be that at the end of the last quarter of the year we can try something. I’m still in the same line of being attentive to be able to react if it comes to a situation of absolute security and guarantees to the 100×100. But as I say it is not the most important. That said, I think that Spain is an ideal place for conditions on those dates for international events by all of the factors that could influence a decision as well.

is The season of the Optimist as the dais for loss, or there are real choices to be able to make races not only local but even national in a couple of months?

The seasons not lost if we can navigate. The optimist is a class in training and competitions are just one of the many important aspects of sailing for children. Personally I am in no hurry to compete, but for children to return to the water to sail without further delay. Hopefully, we can start and that lasts a long time as well. If we take care of the safety measures surely we can get back to normal as soon as possible. We had a planning very ambitious in terms of preparation of national and international competitions, of course, are an important goal but not more. We adapt and capitalize on the time whenever we go to the water.

Although we have not had much time to do a great balance, just two months and with only three important appointments and international in this 2020, how have you seen the new generation and the ‘veterans’ who have taken up the baton of those who have left the class?

well, very Well. Spain is in a good moment and I think that this season was going to be good results international. It’s a shame, but there is still some hope. Three of the components of the final team fifa world cup (Champions of the Nations Cup in the World) were still making good championships, and to them were added others which already last year had level to be in the team for the world cup or the european. We have seen many spaniards in the Excellence Cup, in the City of Palma or here in the AECIO winning trials and finishing ahead in the general. Spain has good health in the Optimist today and if they come to run international championships will prove that.