A new face was invited last night on TF1. The end of the weekend (and of the heatwave episode) was marked by the arrival of Ange Noiret who presented her first weather report, in place of Évelyne Dhéliat. “Nice to see you again for this day on Sunday”, he started on the air in front of the millions of viewers before the 13 Hours newspaper.

Among them, some Internet users were surprised by this replacement as evidenced by their reactions and comments on social networks. “Nah, but are we talking about the new weatherman?”, “Who is this handsome kid”, rejoiced several fans, like this viewer. “Very good this Mr. Angel, I like it”. Or even this Internet user who did not hide his disappointment this Monday in front of his television set. “Very disappointed not to find Ange Noiret today on TF1. Come back quickly man”.

However, Ange Noiret is well known to LCI viewers since he has been on the news channel since May 2021. “A meteorologist for 9 years now, I now present the weather daily in television news”, he says. in his online presentation on LinkedIn. “My expertise and my ease in front of the camera allow me to be able to easily and quickly explain all weather phenomena, even the most complex”, before adding. “Autonomous, I make my forecasts before presenting them and explaining them to viewers, also supported by infographics that I create”.

Holder of a scientific baccalaureate (with honors) in 2008, Ange Noiret attended the preparatory classes of the Leonardo da Vinci School of Engineering until 2010. After two years of training at Créapole, he studied at the National Meteorology Department and became a meteorology technician in 2013. With his training, the aeronautical forecaster was also a sergeant for the Air Force, from which he was awarded several prizes and medals in 2015 and 2016.

After five years in the Air Force, Ange Noiret took his first steps as a presenter for La Chaîne Météo in 2017. A position he held until April 2021 before joining the LCI teams. An incredible climb for someone who experienced rain or shine in the morning, not hesitating to bring his expertise to the channel’s weather topics or to be in the company of Moulin Rouge dancers to raise the temperature at the screen.

Between humor and professionalism, his work seems to be praised by those who have collaborated with him in the past. “Ange is a very talented professional who has everything going for him: seriousness, knowledge, great adaptability, weather skills, TV presentation, graphics, and in addition… a much appreciated humor”, testified the presenter Karine Durand on LinkedIn. Before knowing if he will permanently join the teams of Louis Bodin and Tatiana Silva, discover Ange Noiret in pictures through our slideshow.