Andrea Motis: The voice of the critic is usually not relevant


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The young player, singer and songwriter Andrea Motis (Barcelona, 1995) is going to give a very special concert this Sunday at the Jazz festival of the Royal Palace, that will lead to the Courtyard of The Armory at four other prestigious artists in the next few days: the violinist Ara Malikian (24 July, 21.30 hours), the prestigious vocalist Zenet (25 July, 21.30 h), the formation Bob Sands Big Band (26 July, 22.30 h) or the famous performer and composer of fado, the Portuguese Dulce Pontes (27 July, 21.30 h). Motis will take their turn on Sunday at nine in the evening, time that will start to blow your splendid last album “ Do outro side do blue”.

How are you? Do everything reasonably well after the quarantine?

Yes, we have had the loss of family members during this pandemic. But even so we agree with my family that we enjoyed time at home together quality and this is very valuable. I am glad of the experience, even though it has been forced, we have gained time with family and personal reflection.

I See on their website the Royal Palace is not, much less his return to the stage after the confinement, has already made several performances right? What kind of atmosphere do you breathe in them?

Yes, up to now we have been fortunate to have been reprogrammed in various festivals of the Peninsula. Very happy of having these opportunities to re-play and each of them has a lot of value in these times.

hope and expectations that I think that they are the people who come out to see a show are high, it is very exciting. Up to now, as the next concert in the Royal Palace of Madrid, they have completely sold most of the performances, so that pint is going to be a special night great!

Imagine that you had never touched in the Royal Palace, is an emotion or illusion special? can you imagine how it will be this concert in Madrid?

We’ve touched on in the Palaces of the Marquises and all sorts of monasteries, residences and does not surprise me that in some Royal Palace of current or past also. For me the fact that it is the kingship I do not generates a special link , although the magic of these places can be of course in their architecture and in the look of spectacular . Let’s see how is the Royal Palace of Madrid where we played. I am very happy that the start of a cycle of jazz in an iconic place. Many years to the new initiative!

can Imagine that, as in other musical scenes, in the circles of the jazz will be talking a lot about how this crisis can affect the gender in Spain… What is says, and what prospects there are in the scene on all this?

Well, right now I what I hear there are talks at the theoretical level but also practical . What worries the sector is how are you going to survive musicians that do not have right now a position in a school where they take classes, and also clubs open or with a seating capacity of enough to pay a cache of concert. This is what we are concerned about the survival of the fellow, beyond the that can happen musically.

what Rosalia was in her course at the Esmuc truth? What bores you or bothers you ask for that?

Yes, I really like Rosalie as a musician and what he has done in his album “Badly”. I am fan so I didn’t bother to ask me if I met her. And yes, we agree in the Esmuc in Barcelona and on the one occasion we did a job of Training the Body together with another fellow trumpet player.

why you left? I think it had to do with that unleashed a certain maelstrom of work, of study and of scenarios, right?

Yes, because before it was working abundantly, I enrolled in the Esmuc to deepen it, to study and make a hole in life to continue learning with teachers and not to end my time as a student. But it is true that the disk recording with Impulse! and other projects that emerged at that time were both working parallel to studies, I decided to centrarm and taking advantage of the opportunity that was having in my professional career.

are The only machismo that there is in jazz is that of the critics? Have you ever had any misunderstanding of this type?

Yes, I remember a critical said my dress , another c omentaba my attitude , that was not a woman because I was too young, criticism in the form of singing romantic songs… This is now very out of date already, I think that the critic is already retired. It was a question that the person had an optical a little out of your time , I think. I also took it for anything personal. The jazz have the audience and critics older, some update ideas and others do not. In addition I am sorry to say, but the voice of the critic, to the musicians that I know, is usually not relevant. On the contrary.

During the confinement, I have heard more jazz than ever before in my life, it has become an obsession. How has helped music to cope with all this madness?

that’s great! I am glad that you have hooked up the magic of this style, I think that you can enjoy a lot with good music ! It is always a renewal for one to find a new source of inspiration for the life. Yes I have heard and discovered artists, but also in the confinement, I have dedicated myself to other hobbies such as cooking, to make cosmetic, read , making steps towards a more sustainable life… and rest.

Your last work has been “Do outro side do blue”, a tribute to the basic brazilian. Do you hate to see the situation of Brazil in this pandemic?

Yes… I hate that solve problems that are great way to “show international”. There are people so unhappy and people who are suffering in their meat so badly this situation, this gives me worth.

What projects and plans you have for the rest of the year?

We have quite a few concerts this summer in July and August , and then in September as I don’t catch more concerts because at the end of the month I hope to my first child. From there it is all a question of what I bring the rest of the year.